KH Geared hub, or MMF?

I have a problem. I am faced with choosing to get a kh geared hub or go to Moab Muni Fest. One or the other. Its a touphy. What do you think? I wish Kris would get these hubs out so I could see one. I have been to Moab before, and it was really fun, but a geared hub would be heaven. Which would you pick?

I’d pick the geared hub. It will last longer.

I’ve got a geared hub. I ride muni on it. I’d go to Moab and wait to get a geared hub.

That way, by the time you’ve got the money together again, the hub will actually exist, and also it’ll have had any issues that people find with it sorted out.

Geared hubs are nice if you do super long rides with big road sections in them, or if you commute to work a way that has both muni and road on it.

Other than that, most of the time on muni rides it’d be just as good to just have a standard muni, maybe a 26 or 29 if you want to go fast.


Go to Moab…Thats what id do. The geared hub will be nice but Moab would be awsome…i wish i had the availability to go…but i do not.

This thread suggests that a geared hub is in the same price-range as a trip to a muni fest. What price range is that? I can’t find a geard hub on How much does it cost?

Is it splined? Can you do trials with it?

Pragmatically, the KH Geared Hub doesn’t exist (yet), but Moab does. Moab will be there every year, as long as Rolf organizes our little shindigs there. Once the KH Geared Hub is on the market, it will be there every day unless they sell out.

Schlumpf geared hub is available now. It’s not splined, and designed for road use or light muni, definately not for trials.

It costs 750UKP, which is about $1500 for this hub.

The KH geared hub is not available yet, but is built onthe same technology, except with splines, strength improvements and a better way of attaching to the frame. No-one knows how much, but it’d be surprising if it comes in under$1500 could be even $2000.


Moab. No question.

at the risk of a bland ‘I agree’ post:
Moab this year, hub next year.

come to MOAB seth!

Yeah I think I will go to Moab, then save and get a Geared hub after. Are you going to be there all 3 days Miles?

People will have geared hubs for you to try at Moab. Every year I end up seeing some home-built unicycles that are uber-impressive and unique.

heck yea!