KH Factory Team- Ryan Atkins and Kelly Hickman

Hey All,

Ryan Atkins has been a huge part of the KH Factory Team since the beginning. He has also been a big driving force in our sport in all kinds of ways, from raising trials standards to simply being an awesome ambassador for our sport. In 2008 Ryan tells me he plans to ride more casually and instead pursue XC mountain bike racing, which he is already doing at a very high National level in Canada. This means that Ryan has chosen to retire from the KH team in 2008. So sad! But I really wish Ryan best of luck with his XC mountain bike racing aspirations.

I’m happy to announce that Kelly Hickman is joining the KH Factory Team for 2008! Kelly brings some awesome street riding and filming strengths, and a friendly low-ego attitude that meshes well with the rest of the team. Here’s a link to a recent vid:

So- a big welcome to Kelly!


congratulations to Kelly, he has grafted for that sponsorship and its well deserved xx good luck to ryan

Congrats Kelly! You’ve earned it after all of the hard work and practice, and dedication you’ve had.

It’s truly a disappointment seeing top-end guys like Zack and Ryan step down at the height of their game. Ryan has been a great pioneer of the sport, and has been a huge influence upon me, and the reasons why I still ride. I thank him kindly for his contributions to the sport, and more specifically to trials unicycling. He made it to the top in unicycling, and it looks like now he’s doing the same in XC biking. Best of luck to you Ryan!

Now there is a big loss of excellent trials riders in NA. I’m 22, starting to feel ‘old’ because so many drop away from the sport before they reach my age. I’ll keep going, and try to get better than I have ever been, this summer. People of North America, I think it’s time we stepped up our trials game :wink:


Congratulations to Kelly, but sad to hear about Ryan.

Let’s hope he continues to ride a bit and maybee make a comeback:o

I think this will open up a possible slot for a good trials rider who is willing to do get a bunch of positive exposure for KHU, other sponsor(s) and our sport.

Finaly Kelly gets what he desserves.
But it’s to bad Ryan leaves the KH team.
Hope he still keeps riding and post a vid once in a while.

Peter M

Wow, Ryan is retiring :astonished: He’s one of my most favourite riders ever. And a very nice person too(with a funny accent). He shall be missed greatly.

And congratz to Kelly Hikman. Well done!

Does this mean that there are no trials riders in the KH team anymore?

I believe there’s still Fredrik Justnes

Great job Kelly. You definitely deserve it! Now we wont have to worry about piecing together a hodge-podge uni for you everytime we ride! lol

This is some cool news. Good luck to both Kelly and Ryan in your respective sports.

Ahah! So this is the rider that you mentioned beat me to it!

haha. Congrats Kelly!! Good job.

im sure kelly will do great!

Congrats to Kelly!

It’s too bad Ryan’s out of there, but his videos will continue to inspire many other unicyclists.

Definitally a great choice! He has been deserving for quite some time!

im glad to see a decent actual street rider get sponsored. Not a flat/trials rider. You totally deserve it man, congrats.


Awesome job Kelly, I told you it was just a matter of time! :slight_smile:

You totally deserve it.

Congrats Kelly!

On the subject of sponsorship…Kris have you seen/heard of Marko Blau? He’s a really good mod bike trials rider and the only one I know of that has given unicycling a legitimate shot. He’d be a good choice for your ambassador team to try and get more bike trials riders to give unicycling a shot.

Here’s A video showing his bike trials prowess.

Here’s a video showing what he can do on a unicycle in only one month.

Bike trials videos always impress me so much. It has always seemed to me that bike trials are harder than unicycle trials.

Congrats Kelly!

congrats kelly! bout time

congrats on the sponsorship. U’ve deserved it for a long time