KH Factory Team 2024

Hey Everyone,

This is to welcome the 2024 KH Factory Team riders and say a huge thank you for those shifting to alumni.
First - a thank you to departing riders.
Lutz Eicholz joined the KH team in 2010. Since then he went on to become one of the highest profile riders in the history of our sport, competitively and through a professional riding career that took him around the globe for countless TV appearances and adventure videos. It’s hard to overstate his contributions as an ambassador for unicycling - thanks Lutz for everything you’ve done for our sport.
Ryan Kremsater joined the team in 2014. I first met Ryan as a skinny 12 year old, when his mom and his uncle used to take him up to the North Shore trails. Since then, he went on to become one of the sport’s strongest freeriders, filming on some very technical trails he built on his parent’s acreage, and on the Sunshine Coast (near Vancouver), and the Vancouver North Shore. Laurel Myers 2023 film of Ryan, Rhythm of One, has been accepted at a bunch of film festivals in 2024. Ryan - thank you for the inspiring riding lines and our rides together.
Zoé Hebinger joined the team in 2019 and shared some inspiring riding adventures in the French Alps near Serre-Chevalier both winter and summer. Zoé - it was inspiring to see how you shared your riding skills with all the kids you taught.

And - welcome to the team for 2024! Rider profiles are here: Asier Fiuza Celaya is a mountain unicyclist from Pamplona, Spain who prefers a KH29 set up for faster, flowy riding. Owen Farmer is a muni, trials and distance all-rounder from Fremont, California who combines riding with travel around North America as well Europe and Asia. Nate Dam is a Utah-based, Canadian trials and muni rider who stands out for his persistence at working on tricks and trials lines. Kim Il Gun is the team’s first Korean team rider, a mountain, distance and trials rider who puts out a ton of videos. Lea Opitz returns to the team as a trials and muni rider based in Regensburg, Germany. I first met Lea when she was a kid attending UNICON 2012 - since then she’s gone on to some amazing adventures including a uni descent of the 6057 m volcano Nevado Chachani in Peru.

The pandemic made it harder to sustain the KH team, and as a rider that has benefited so much personally in my life from our sport it feels important to support the team again in 2024. Thanks to and Qu-Ax for your co-sponsorship support on the logistics to supply KH gear - it wouldn’t be possible without your support.



A little anecdote about team rider Zoé Hebinger. She is the reason why I started unicycling. In 2015, while on holiday in the Vosges (450 km from my home), I saw a young girl with her family riding a Muni. I had never seen anything like it before. I couldn’t shake the idea off trying it myself. Later I found her on Instagram and I realised it had to be her.


Small correction: name of filmmaker mentioned is Laurel (not Laura) Myers.

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Corrected - thanks David!

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Congratulations Kris and all of your new team members! Special shout-out to my (semi-) local boy Owen Farmer. If you’re still living in the Fremont area, we should try to get some rides together.

My sister and brother-in-law, who live in our house, drive down to Fremont all the time to spend the weekend with their daughter (Alexa, a Deaf unicyclist) and her three kids. :slight_smile: