KH 36 - Considering Selling

I’m considering selling my KH 36. It is barely used. I think it is a 2008 or 2009 model. It has 150 Nimbus Isis cranks. Any ideas what it will bring?

I would have loved to buy this but I just bought a Coker Big One, however this dude was looking for a KH 36 you might want to contact him if you want to sell it, if you haven’t already.

Nope, I ordered one on UDC last Friday (and it’s getting here on Wednesday!)

Damn. Should’ve waited just a bit longer…

Are you willing to part out?

FWIW, that looks to be a 2008. 2009 is when the seat switched to using allen-head screws, instead of cap nuts.

Nice uni - unfortunatley I’ve also just recently acquired my Coker Big One.

Selling the ENTIRE Thing, Not Parts

I’ll just sell it to you as a whole and you can part it out. Deal?

Still no estimates?



Oops. Just wrote you Ciaccona and only THEN saw this. Glad you found one. Ignore my message, please.

As the new KH 36 unis are going for $844 + shipping, I’ll sell this for $600 plus shipping to the lower 48 - no more, no less. You’ll note from the tire (tyre) whiskers, that this really is in new condition. I’ll even include the few pebbles wedged in the new treads.

If you want to offer a different amount, just save the wear and tear on your computer keyboard. I’m simple and ask what I’ll accept. (I’d never be a business person.) I’m in no hurry to sell; this looks great in my living room and holds my hat quite nicely. :slight_smile:

I purchased this from Canada, and the “handling” fees from UPS were really inflated, almost $100 when all was totalled, so I don’t know that buying it across the border would make much sense. You call on that, amis.

I would buy this uni for $600+shipping if we can agree on the method of sale.

If it’s still up for grabs, feel free to sent me private message. :slight_smile:

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Did you sell it? If not, give me a call when you tire of it as a hatrack. It’s a specalized piece in a specialized market.


This site such IS a specialized market. That is why I posted here rather than the web site. :slight_smile: Sold once and another local buyer in the wings. Thanks for your interest.


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Long time in cyberspace. Even longer in person.

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You’re being dumb. You could’ve just ignored it, and the thread would’ve fallen off the first page and far fewer people would’ve seen your apparently highly confidential personal information. Swearing doesn’t help either. He couldn’t delete that post even if he wanted too, so you should probably just stop bumping this thread.

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While I agree that mmattoon’s “tirade” was a bit much & probably caused more harm than good, it IS a big deal. I would be very upset myself. “Private Messages” are supposed to be just that - PRIVATE. JeffyS should have responded via return private message. You NEVER put someones phone number out on the web that way. Look at all the work that’s gone into shielding every ones email. Perhaps it was a innocent mistake. It still needs to be made right, ASAP. Gilby, please wipe this whole thing out pronto. Thanks

He could have edited it out or deleted it, but not after 10 minutes had passed.

and for the record, jesus christ man, send him private messages. he doesnt get notified if you threaten him in this thread. relax. goozfrabah.

steroid problem?

Mmattoon: some advice: think before you write and go easy on the recreational steroids.
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