KH 36 - Considering Selling

Thanks Bryce, Reed, and Julia!

No harm was intended. I didn’t know a phone number was so private. Here, in Arizona, we have this book which lists thousands of them. But, again, no harm intended.

Fluffy Bunnies are cool!

Jeff in Scottsdale
*Roid-free since birth!

Arrgh, my face IS melting!

Purchased by Valiant via PayPal - an honest deal. Two thumbs up for Valiant.

Since it may be handy for others (or so I can figure out a better way if I ever have to ship a big wheel again), I shipped this by fabricating a single box made from two bike boxes. Gotta love the recycle bin behind the bike stores. I was LOOKING for a big screen TV box, but didn’t find any until the day the unicycle arrived at Valiant’s house. Funny.

Just for reference, the shipping cost from Scottsdale to Indiana was $68.08.

Just got the bike from JeffyS. Everything worked out really well. He went out of his way to make this trade as easy as could be.

Thanks buddy!



Sold to Valiant. Honest man. Out.