KH 24 muni 2007

I’m selling my 24" KH downhill muni, I’ve only used it 5 times max, so it’s as good as new. The DURO Leopard tire still has all its profile, its a 2005 frame with some light scratches but otherwise its mint. It comes with Moment Cranks, an Onza ISIS hub, drilled 2007 rim, CrMo seatpost, KH gel saddle (old style), Koxx seatclamp and a pair of black BMX pedals. I’d like to get 250 euros for it, and it really needs to go! :wink: Shipping is for the buyer, it doesnt come with a brake.

Ive always wanted a 24" KH. You can ship to the US right? Im selling a trailer today and if that goes as planned i would love to buy this from you.

Of course, I’ll have to see which shipping company is cheapest, but otherwise than that it should work out perfectly! Tell me how it goes, then if you’re still interested we can see how to go from there

So the boat trailer turned out to be too small for the guy who wanted it, but some random guy showed up about ten minutes later and bought it. It was kinda weird. I still dont have enough but if nobody takes the uni within a week or so i should have the money by then.

This stunning unicycle is still available! I’ll even dust it off a bit before I ship it :wink: