kh '08?

Does anyone know if there are going to be any modifications to the '08 kh or will it be the same as the '07?
Also, once online unicycle stores get the KH back in stock, how long will they be in stock for? Is it odd right now that almost everywhere is out or is that pretty much the norm?
I’m debating on wether or not I will buy one soon(ish) or hold off till 08.

Kris posted something about a new KH-Shlumph

But it was a while ago. Maybe search for danger uni posts. I haven’t read anything about other new models. It seems like uni is getting more popular. I would try to get something I wanted as soon as I could. Some places have run out of torkers. It seems like KH stock came in around March, and lasted to what… June or so. Since so much is new for 07 and sold well, I would guess it won’t change for a year or so. But I don’t actually know anything. From the last post I read, it seems like we could get the KH geared hub, and also a new 36 from Coker tire. Maybe even this summer.:slight_smile:

I cant even think of anything he can change on the 07 version. If anything, it would be the seat post, but everything else, I cant see much more change going into it.

I’d be surprised if it was much different since the current uni is pretty well dialed-in. Also, I think Kris once mentioned that changes were going to be incremental instead of having big model year changes.

Additionally, details of new models are often not released before availablity since doing so hurts sales of the current model.

I would like to see a different color though (not that I don’t like the Blue, only that there’s too many blue unicycles now).

The KH29 frame really needs a longer seat tube. It’s impossible to move the seat from a height for muni on the 150mm crank setting to a height for road riding on the 125mm setting without switching to a longer seatpost.

that’s my random comment about improving the kh unis…

I’m sure the frame is dialed in to fit the average sized rider. If you’re taller than normal- get a longer seatpost. I don’t think it should be any taller than it is now. It means having to take more off with a hacksaw :stuck_out_tongue:

Ken, I think he means since the seat tube isn’t long enough, there isn’t enough adjustability to allow comfortable settings for both 125mm cranks and 150mm cranks. That doesn’t have anything to do with the seat post length…you can only change that once :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, but you would still only need 25mm of adjustability if you had the correct sized seatpost for your height.


Disc: short guy

I think there won’t be any revisions to major components except for the new geared hub until '09, at least.

Kris said the geared hub may be out this fall :o , but may take until spring '08, or longer:(. They will be ready when they are ready.

I think a reinforced seatpost for the 20 is likely, since it is badly needed (IMO one like the new Qu-Ax, but made of aluminum would work well, maybe front and back and/or a gusset, like the reinforcement on the '07 DX’s). Some also have problems w/ the bike type post, so that one should be reinforced where the post meats the rail clamps, but less urgent than the 20’s post.

Well, the reason everywhere is out of stock is because they all get it from the same source, UDC. Once UDC runs out, none of the bike shops or online stores will have any stock to ship.

I think that the KH seat posts and the KH seats need to be altered majorly. I break a seat stiffener within a week. I go through a seat post about every month… If somehow those could be changed, then everything would be good. :slight_smile:


all great posts so far, thanks everyone.

I’m still wondering if I should order one as soon as they are available again. My main problem is that I’m a college student and only work 20 hours a week, so it takes a while to save up. I don’t like using my credit card, but I may have to make an exception.

i thought udc was not the source, but that everyone in the US gets them from the same source, that mainly deals with UDC

anyways, email AEBIKE about pricing and holding one for you, the current shipment could very well be bought out already but i believe the non-advertised price that AE bike has is the cheapest.

i think that the seat post tube were it connects to the crown at should be stronger…
i saw a guy at naucc break his frame right there on a step over…

I tried that, they said they wont hold them for anyone.

Unless of course you like to ride muni with your seat relatively low.

I have the same issue with the seat tube not being long enough on my KH20. When using it for freestyle I want the seat set relatively high, but for trials I like to drop it quite low. Even though I use the same crank length for both styles the seat height gets adjusted quite a bit. I’ve tried to optimize for both styles but have found if the post is short enough to go down as far as I want for trials then it doesn’t go as high as I would like for freestyle.

A longer seat tube would solve this problem but would also mean the unicycle was not usable by shorter riders without cutting it. A solution would be to offer both options but I imagine that would be costly. I wonder if it is possible to get an existing KH frame modified to have a longer seat tube?

I had this done with my steel miyata frame but I image an aluminium KH would be quite a different project.

Unicyclepa frame design and Qu-ax style seatpost would be nice upgrade for -08 KH unicycles.

Qu-ax satulatolppa.png

Cutting it shorter is easy, so KH probably should make it to suit the taller riders. It would be nice to have the vertical slot longer so that for riders who have to chop their seattube, the don’t have to cut the verticle slot as well.


I only know of one modification to the '08 KH line, and that’s the tire on the 29". Kris is using an '08 29er tire right now, and he told me they would be on the '08 KH. I think its made by WTB but I don’t remember the name, it should be wider than the current tires.

You are right that for the difference in crank length you would need 25 mm. But for the change in riding style (from MUni to road riding) you would want the seat to be higher still, probably by at least a couple of inches. I don’t know about the KH29 but the combined requirement might be more than the seat tube length allows for.