29" Torker AX with alum frame.

thats a torker AX terry :stuck_out_tongue:

thats the torker AX. its been out for a while now. They look pretty nice in real life, with a little gusset thing on the crown for strength. Ive only examined the 20" version though.

Thanks I edited the title. It just looks like a larger vers. of the LX.

yeah, the AX is a lightweight aluminum framed LX. They do come in 29" but the seat still doesn’t suggest any long rides. This is the one thing torker should improve on the higher end cycles. I think the DX comes with a nicer seat but these do not.

Looks like the frame would be a great upgrade to any 29er, really. Unfortunately, Torker kit doesn’t seem to be available in the UK, or I might consider getting one. Getting a KH frame for my Nimbus wheelset seems like overkill in terms of strength and cost.

torker uses weird bearing sizes and spacing, so depending on your hub, this might not even work for you.

I’ve ridden on one of these before, its really light.

I’m seriously considering one of these. Stuck between this and a Nimbus 29er (heavier, but better quality and nicer seat).

They are available in 20, 24, and 29". They have a rounded crown frame, hard to notice in that pick, so they suck for foot on frame tricks. IMO this is a non issue for the 29 though.

If I get it I’m thinking of putting on a 29X2.3 nobby, a brake, 165’s like Terry’s and go for some XC.

My LBS puts on some 25 min. mtb races. I was thinking It would be fun do it and try to stay on the lead lap in the “beginners race”. The only race I went to this year had 5 riders who all would have been in the top 15 (0f 24, making it 29 riders) in the intermediate race and on the lead lap (4) in the expert race.
Edit: I guess not, I’d have to average over 105 rpm on the 1mi. course. Maybe 3 laps that’s only 80 rpm avg.

And the cheepest 29 is a Sun. NEVER get a Sun uni.

The Nimbus (in its UK incarnation, at least) is a nice bit of kit, and quite versatile. No frills, but a solid base. Mine’s been well worth the money and is still going strong.

the LX seat pwns the dx seat. and miyata/ lx arent horrible as people make them out to be. the dx handle wont break nearly as fast as the lx, but other than that the lx is nicer.

I briefly tried out the LX seat and thought it was like a well shaped brick. Probably very good once it’s broken in, but until then…OUCH!!!

Very Rare…We have an Overstock…I hate it when people do this.

I believe it comes stock with a WTB Exiwolf, which is about as fat as a 29er tire comes, unless you go to the WTB Weirwolf (29 x 2.55), but that tire gets really bad reviews from 29er mountain bikers (the sidewall is apparently paper thin, which is a really big problem on a muni). If you’re not doing big drops, this would be a nice XC rig out of the box.

Review on the Weirwolf 29X2.55 I think I’ll wait for one w/ thicker sidewalls.

Some 2.3" 29er tires I found. Post #24. I also found a 29X2.4, but the posting was a few years old and I couldn’t find anywhere online to buy it (can’t remember the brand and model).

just wait for the '08 WTB Stout. It should be a big bugger. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you (or anybody else) wind up picking this up and putting a brake on it?

A buddy says it presents some challenges to adding a brake. Not sure if it’s the aluminum frame or what, I’m waiting for a response with more info. But in the mean time, perhaps somebody here has some experience to shed some light on the matter?

I have an AX 29. Its really light, lighter than my 20" learner. I was considering a brake, but I haven’t done any muni yet and don’t know if I need one… we’ll see when the snow melts. There don’t appear to be any frame brake mounts, and the rim is designed for disc brakes…

Not me.

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna save up for a Guni (can’t decide whether a 24 or 26").

If you have the skill and strength, I think a 26" w/150’s Guni may be the best for technical XC. If you don’t have/want to spend the $ for a Guni, 29" would be better, and if you don’t go off drops, why not the AX?

Puting on calipers would be fairly easy & I think they can be had to fit up to a 2.3 tire. V-brakes would be stronger and allow a larger tire (but the frame prob won’t) but these addaptors might not mount well on the AX’s oval legs.

Drilling a hole and putting on a caliper brake seems to be the consensus among those I’ve talked to.

I think I might try that… how useful are brakes? Would you mount a brake under the seat of a handlebar extension? Cuz the AX seatpost isn’t 22 mm, its 27 or something…