WTB Weirwolf 29x2.55 XC tyre.

I got my WTB Weirwolf 29x2.55 LT fitted at the weekend at long last.

These are my initial observations, I have only ridden it for about a mile on road and played around on it in the street.

The tyre is big, definitely the biggest 29er you can get at the moment. It fits easily into the Nimbus II 29er frame. It doesn’t have an aggressive tread, the LT means “low tread”. It is bigger than the Bontrager Jones XC 29 (middle in pic) that it replaced, bigger than my Maxxis Holy Roller 24x2.4 (left in pic), and bigger than the Big Apple by a few millimeters all round.

On the road it is very easy and predictable when cornering and gives a very smooth ride. I tried low pressure and medium pressure but I didn’t pump it up hard. With it being such a big tyre even at high pressure you can get a cushioned ride. You can also get some bounce if you like hopping around but I didn’t notice it bouncing along during normal riding. It it did suffer from curb crawl and tried to ride down the crown of the road, but not as bad as knobbly tyres I have tried. It didn’t noticably improve at higher pressure. It may be possible to eliminate kerb crawl by having the tyre really hard but you’d need a lot of pressure in a tyre this big.

This tyre replaced my Bontrager Jones 29x2.25 tyre. Which for some reason tracks straight and true whatever the camber, however it is bad at cornering. Whereas the Weiwolf is the opposite and turns beautifully but doesn’t handle a camber. It probably makes sense that there is a pay-off, and you can’t seem to get a tyre that is good at both, but comparing the two tyres which have very similar tread pattern and profile I can’t think of any reason for this.

If you want a really impressive-looking, large volume, 29" xc tyre that’s nimble on the road the Weirwolf is a great tyre. If you have a problem with severely cambered roads where you live the Bonty is better.



I do like my ExiWolf 2.3, the Weirwolf’s smaller brother. The SB guys have reported that for aggressive muni, they don’t like the WeirWolf. To bouncy at high pressure and too prone to pinch flats at lower pressure.

Why do you want the knobs on the road? I like the BA tires for road 29ering.

What made you change from the Bontranger?

Steveyo’s got it. I don’t like the Weir for all the reasons stated, plus its overpriced and paper thin. Still waiting on a true hardcore 29er tire.

I think the problem with a true hardcore 29er tire would be weight.

More weight, more momentum, more rolling power, more speed, bigger crashes, all which would make a very entertaining video.

I see now downside to extra weight.


True dat.

A problem with all 29er tires for tech riding is the single ply construction. Whereas I have to use various levers and so forth to get a Duro on a 24" rim, I can pull a Weirwolfe on (a KH 29 rim) with two fingers. And you need 35 PSI at least to keep it on the rim. As Josh said, still waiting on the DH 29er tire, then we’ll see . . .


Just trying out different tyres. I wanted to see if a large volume tyre made much difference. It doesn’t. Looks cool though.

Steady now!

I mainly go along tow paths and forest trails, I just need a bit of road to get there.

I agree it probably isn’t what you want if you are doing hard muni, there will be a few proper DH tyres coming out in 29" this summer I reckon though.

I’m very appreciative of the info on this thread. I was thinking about going with the Weirwolf to replace a worn Exiwolf. I think I will stick with the trusty Exiwolf.