The Mountain River Adventure guys asked zack maeda to come put on a comp up in Kernville this year. Date of the event will be Oct 17-18. It will be a 2 day event which will be pretty sweet with a combination of scores for the 2 days to get the winner. Heres their website. will post more info soon. This will be a combination of uni trials and bike trials in same class. There should be beginner, sport, expert and pro. If your thing is mostly mountain unicycling, the beginner lines should prove to be doable and also the trails around this area are world class. A very beautiful drive to Kernville through a massive canyon to get there. ALL should come! Registration will be 30 dollars and you can pm me for my phone number if you would like to hook up with the main group or just ask me questions.
In my opinion, kernville/keyesville competitions are the best in North America. Dont miss out as it will be another year before this will happen again.

P.S. There is camping at this site with a nice restroom and SHOWERS!!

this comp usually has 20-40 trials specific world class competitors and is one of the biggest in the usa! anyone coming from up north give me a call we will roll together from Fresno.

It’s tempting, Joe, but I’ve become a marshmellow when it comes to trials.

Make us, the uni world, proud and make Shawn Miller call you an animal again!

Wear your flippy floppies in that shower so you don’t score a fungus!

the goal is to score zero on the trials lines and a zero for fungus as well.
come on, your missing out people!

ill try to come but parents are sketchy! and my unicycle is trashed so ill let you know.

What was that web site again? :slight_smile:

competition is coming in tmro!
pm me for my cell number to stay with the group etc.