Kenda 24x2.6 vs. Duro Leopard 24x3.0

I’m getting closer to finally being able to buy my 2006 24" Torker DX Muni. However, I just noticed it comes standard with the Kenda 24x2.6 tire, but the Duro Leopard 24x3.0 will also fit on it, according to UDC’s description. Is this worth the extra $23 USD to splurge on the fatter tire?

As a side note, I will be using this Muni for learning basic trials and street, and for riding both cross-country and some rougher terrain as well.

the fatter tire will grip better and bounce better. not a huge difference but it is noticable.

I would wait until your tire you have now is dead, then switch to a fat one. Then you won’t feel bad about the splurge and its not pointless if you don’t notice a difference. If you really want to use it then ride really really hard.

i got my 24 dx monday and its far different than my torker lx it takes some getting used 2 now the lx looks down right puny

any way

i was thinking i would wait untill my kenda crapped out then i would up grade 2 the 3.0 (like ntappin said)

If your getting it from UDC, get the Duro now, the shipping will be free with the cost of the uni shipping, The tire is cheap.

Thanks for the advice - I didn’t even consider that. That’ll cut at least 15 bucks off shipping later if I lump 'em together. Take THAT, UPS! :sunglasses:

Yeah you might wanna oder it all in one shipping thing, but for now you should just use the stock kenda 2.6, and when you get into more " ''extreme" " kinda stuff you can switch over.

I still use the Kenda on mine… I’d really like a Duro, but not just yet…

Remember that most all trials tires are 2.5 inches wide, and folks generally do higher drops and so forth on trials than they do on Muni. A 3 inch fatty tire really only comes into it’s own when the terrain gets very uneven and tractoring is involved (especially over rocks), wherew the fatty tire deadens or smooths out the jarring fandango. One of the reasons folks have started moving to the Duro from the fatter Gaz is that we realized we really don’t need that much tire (Gaz)–and the advantage of the large rims (like the Large Marge) is not that it increases the tire width so much as it eliminates fold over and limites rebound.


My 2.5 trials tire is visibly wider than my muni Kenda 2.6 tire.

And my muni has the wider rim!

That is exactly what I’ve been wondering, would it be possible for you to get a comparison shot of the two?

while yous are talking about kenda tires, where can i buy a Kenda kenetics 2.6 tire?

I’ve got a brand new one I took off an Onza 24", never ridden on. PM me if you’re interested.

How mutch does the Duro weights?

I haven’t ridden the Duro, but I’ve ridden a lot on both the Gazz 3.0 and the Kenda 2.6. If I were specifying a more general-purpose unicycle (street and cross-country as well as full-on MUni), I would get the Kenda. The downside is traction is not quite as good in loose or slippery conditions, and there’s a little less cushion for hops and drops, but it also weighs noticably less and rides noticably better in more generic riding situations. The Gazz is a bear on pavement, for example.

My 26x3 duro is roughly (give or take bout 4mm) the same width as my 19x2.5 maxxis CC.

If you want a pic, it will take a week.


I’d say go with the kenda. I’ve ridden on one, and it’s a really nice feeling tire. The only reason to go with the duro is if you KNOW you’re gonna want one in the future.

Ok well since this thread got revived, I’ll go ahead and say I decided to stick with the standard kenda 24x2.6 for my DX, and instead spend that ~30 bucks on some 661 shin guards.

Yeah the Kenda Kinetics is a great tire, the only downside is the Duro absorbs more impact on drops and stuff, but I did ‘about’ a 6 foot drop on it, on dirt, so it’s not too bad…

But I want a Duro myself.

When we first started out as a Muni group, we all had Duro 3s except Loose, who had the Kenda (stock on the Onza), it was never ever noticeable in his riding versus ours, even when we started doing trials type stuff the Kenda was fine. having said that i prefer the Duro, but id save the cash and get yourself some 661s instead.

sorry I do not understand this sentence… could you put it in simpler english …
“the advantage … is not” … is it? or not? (sorry not a native speaker).