Kauai Riding

Hey everyone! I’m going to Kauai Hawaii this September and was wondering if any of you have been and if so if where good uniing is… tell me. Even if you didn’t uni just your thoughts on different beaches and activities would be cool. Thanks

Kauai is one of the smaller islands. My girlfriend at the time and I went on a riverboat ride to visit Fern Grotto and quite a few waterfalls. It has been 20 years since I was there, so I’m sure the place has changed. I can’t remember much else besides what happened in the hotel room. What can I say, I was single, 20 years old, and in the Marines. :roll_eyes:

I’ve ridden on Maui and Oahu, with guidance from a local (Oahu) rider, who goes by the name Critter here. Critter! What’ve you got for Kauai? I’ve never been there (someday…). You can also try researching it online. There are trail listings for Maui, for instance.

Kauai has a lot of hiking and very few people. You can ride anywhere and see awesomeness, especially if you’re not numb to it like most Hawaiians become. If you’ve got a couple days and don’t mind shouldering a uni every now and then, the Na Pali coast hike would be epic on a Uni. IIRC, it’s 11 miles one way and most people hike one way one day, camp on the beach at the end, and hike back the next day. Waterfalls, ruins, awesome coastal views and verdant Hawaiian valleys. The one catch is that it has some serious repetitive vertical (up 500’, down 500’).

And if you come to Oahu, look me up!

I’ve been on an all expenses paid vacation to a hot sandy place courtesy of Uncle Sam recently, but now that I’m back in 'da Islands it occurs to me I’ve never actually met up with Critter.

I should probably give him a call one of these days, like I said I would a year ago when I moved here. . .

Still looking for info and tips.