kahero unicycles

hey ereyone check these out :slight_smile:

they look good i wish i could try one

has anyone tried one?


I rode one a few weeks back in france. It’s not a bad unicycle, but the frame slightly sticks out like the old qu-ax frames it freaks me out.

Apart from that it’s not really all that light, it’s like a nimbus trials really. The aluminium frame is actually fairly heavy compared to a KH.

Just a few details on these guys. Kahero used to be a shop in Brest (France) owned by a great guy. Unfortunately, he had to sell, I don’t know the exact conditions, but basically, now, the name is owned by a big shop based in Paris called Passe-passe… and if you ask any unicyclist in France, they will tell you to avoid the place at any cost. Basically, no interest in unicycling apart from marketing interests, no real expertise, and finally, no customer service.

These unicycles are mainly copies of Impact unicycles. This shop has had a history of making copies of good products, especially for juggling.

So basically, don’t try them at home :stuck_out_tongue: !