K1 unis on ebay for cheap!

That was my guess. Great deals for beginners.

Different models have different cranks, either ISIS Reinforced 140mm, ISIS Light 140mm, or ISIS Street 135m. You probably want the first one. You can see some specs here.

I actually saw post first so thanks to him for the tip!

:smiley: good man haha.

free shipping if you buy from meijer.com, sign up for a new account and use the code

Can anyone find a 26" track monster?? I really want one of those and I’m not able to find any… let me know if you see one…

You can get it at Renegade.

You can get it at Renegade Juggling.

They also have a much cheaper 26er as well.

Ahh yes, I did see that, but I left it off of the list because of the price. It is still $550, like the $540 24", but that is only $165 on meijing…
Can anyone help me with the following>?

The brake is not shown for the 24" on most of these sites. Since the uni’s so cheap, I assume they just aren’t going to give me the brake. Is the white russian inferior to the track monster even IF the track monster had no brake? Can the White russian support a 3" tire, like the one the monster has? They look almost exactly similar…the tire is different and the cranks are too, I think. It looks like I have to choose between these two models, so any feedback there?


yeah the 24" white russian comes with the kenda 2.6, but I’m pretty sure it would take a 24x3 tire. either way, it’s a killer price for a well made MUni.

Thanks. I’m about to order the track monster 24 for $168 on meijer.com. The NEWTHANKS code works, so I get free shipping instead of $14 shipping. It was slightly cheaper than the WR, I have a white uni already, the TM rim is awesome, I want the 3" tire, and there is a distant, remote possibility that I will even get a brake, so I’m going with the TM.


Not sure if it’s the exact same TM as on renegade.com. The descriptions on Meijer are really non-specific and seem pretty inaccurate. The TM on renegade does come with a 24x3 duro and also has brake mounts. It’s also $539!

From Renegade site

From Meijer site


If anyones lookin to buy a K1 Alien Backflip ill sell them an almost new uni with green thermalite pedals and a luna tire for 125

i think i would be interested. iv been looking for a new koxx 1 saddle for a while but that that price i might as well by the whole thing

dibbs ^, do u have pictures?

SAVE 25$ on MEIJER.COM w/ coupon code >> CABIN75

I just ordered a Black Domina II from meijer.com and I found this coupon code that takes and additional $25 off any order of $175 or more. The grand total (including shipping) was 170$ for my new uni! Hopefully someone found this useful.

Renegade Juggling is probably pissed cause they’ll never be able to sell their unis w/ all this competition. Sorry Renegade :frowning:

Thanks for the tip! It’s too late for me but hopefully someone else can take advantage of it. It’ll be good to hear from someone with feedback about that web site.

I’ve been to Renegade and it’s a great place. Hopefully they don’t have too much of the old inventory. They still provide a service you can’t get from these other places (custom unis with a high level of service).

Dang! Just missed it, ordering my Alien Backflip. That’s a pretty stellar deal, thanks for sharing anyway, I’m sure others will be stoked!

CABIN75? I’ll use it. Hopefully I can get the free shipping, too.

I bought that Muni, but now I want a trials also. I have the money right now post christmas and I don’t think I’ll find a deal like this again until…ever?

So…what is the best or strongest? lightest? best cranks? I’m having a hell of a time finding good specs for k1 unis. Most people seem to be fond of that backflip… but the four others that are competing with it are the…
devil (blueberry) which I imagine is not as good…
Domina II (or something to that effect)

These are the ones with square frames, and that’s what I like.

So…is there any consensus on which of these is the highest quality uni?

I use 110/125 moments usually set on 110. Do any of the above models have cranks that are shorter than 135mm?

Actually, I don’t care about the crank size as long as it’s under 140. Then I could have all four options of 110 125 135 and 140. I am still curious though about if the domina spirit and backflip are equal or if one or two are superior and for what reason. The sale ends in a few days, that’s why I’m hectic and doubleposting.
Thanks a lot for your help

I just realized that Meijer.com does not identify the brand as “Koxx 1” or K1. Only the model, such as “white russian”, ect. And does anyone know what the “CFG” means in the title of each unicycle? They also refer to the unicycles as “foldable”, in the descriptions. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think you can use multiple coupons, but you’ll end up saving around 10$ more depending on how much shipping to you is.
K124 has some specs here, I think they all have 135mm or 140mm cranks.
I think the Alien Backflip and the Green Spirit are the same frame with different colors. I’m not positive about the XTP but I think it may be the same frame with lighter cranks/different colors. Perhaps the Domina fits into the same category but someone else would have to confirm or deny that.
Most people seem to dislike the Devil series (more here on that)

The Alien Backflip that’s part of this inventory dump comes with an ISIS light hub, ISIS Street 135mm splined cranks, and a white rim. The “light” aspect of the hub may or may not be an issue depending on the size of your drops. Some of the models come with a ISIS Reinforced hub but I don’t which if any are part of the clearance sale. Note that some of the models specifically say,

“Please note this unicycle does come complete with splined cranks, but they are slightly different to the ISIS spline - only Koxx splined cranks will work with this unicycle.”

That’s not in the Alien Backflip description but I should check to see whether or not regular ISIS cranks fit OK.

I believe the domina, spirit, and backflip are basically the same with different colors. They’re all more of a street model than a strictly trials model.