Koxx One - frame strength?

Which of the frame designs by Koxx One is stronger? (street/trials/UPD)

I recall reading about one of the Domina frames having problems, but I’m wondering what is the stronger of their frames or if they’re both equal…

The Black Domina/Alien Backflip/Green Spirit frame is way stronger than the original Devil frame. The new Black Domina frames are double butted at the seattube so it’s even stronger.

Devil frames are a piece of s**t!


I had a Koxx Devil frame and I snapped it. It survives kick ups, drops and trials riding, but snaps when 1 footed idling! I fancy a new Nimbus Titanium frame, but don’t think I can afford it!

devil frames are shit…
but they are ok to start with :wink:
if they brake, or you have more money, you can always switch to impact,KH or koxx domina,… :wink:

I’ll be going for a KH aluminium frame I think; it’s around the same price as an Impact and I’ve been told it’s a better quality. But for now, I’m going to be buying a Nimbus II frame, as I’m absolutely skint!

As you may or may not know, several unicycle manufacturers frequent these forums. Your comments are integral parts of their design process… as long as the comments provide some sort of substance.

A comment such as yours only tells them more about your maturity than their product. If you could provide some useful information, such as how your frame broke, what condition it was in when it broke, what you might have been doing at the time, etc., then you might help in the process of making a better frame.

i have a k1 white widow and i have a dent right above the bering holder and it is still holding up strong.

My comment was my opinion. Just to make you happy, my frame was in good condition (few scratches here and there). I broke my frame in a attempt to grind a metal bench, I fell landing on the unicycle bending the fork which stopped the wheel moving. As I bent it back, it simply snapped off.

frames should’nt dent like the k1 devil does i think the steel is sooo thin to reduce weight that that happens. its rather sad imo.

it gets used very hard and i like them so much i am ordering a second one

your ordering a second one? wow. how long have you had the first one? what style of riding do you do cause those things are painful and heavy even though for a starter frame they’re lighter than other frames. i mean why spend money on those when you can get a good frame for $129? i mean you practically spent the same amount on two (imo) weak frames when one thats outlasts both devil frames is the same amount? i know you didn’t order the first one separately but still… go for the good stuff lol :stuck_out_tongue:

i am buying the whole thing my cuz barrows mine very often.

ohh i see your buying the whole uni then? didnt want to try a kh?

I want to try a kh but when I can pick up 2 k1s for a little over 300 I am happy with that