K1 unis on ebay for cheap!

That’s what I needed to know. Now to decide which is prettier…

So I also agree that the Backflip and Spirit frames are exactly the same but I noticed something that might be different about the Domina frame. From various pictures it appears that the Domina frame has less tire clearance which is a plus for me. Maybe the backflip/spirit are supposed to be able to accommodate a 20" freestyle rim. ??

From what I’ve heard the original Black Domina started as a flatland specific frame. It became notorious for snapping so they reinforced the frame for street riding with the Black Domina II. Then the same (or a very similar) frame was rereleased in new colors as the spirt/backflip. The koxx-one site has them filed under flatland but i hear it’s great for street as well because the new reinforced frames are a helluva lot stronger.

My conclusion is that it really doesn’t matter which uni you get. These things are so cheap that if you break something it ain’t the end of the world. As long as your not overly abusive any of these unis should hold up just fine in any discipline.

Thanks, gang. I just ordered my second one. 3 new unicycles in a week (from zero), who would have thought?

I ordered the spirit, after shipping, $188.
that means I paid $355 total (including shipping) for two unicycles usually sold for $990 total(before shipping).

You guys who found meijer.com and the discount codes are my heros.

My spirit has a red rim (green and white frame and seat). It’s pretty rad - it looks custom. I’m going to switch the butterfly pedals for the red pedals I got on my track monster to give it some unity.


Edit: Who cares about tire clearance? Why? It seems to me that you could just lower the seat on a higher frame and be done with it. What am I missing…?


Edit: Did Chris F. Gardner build these in his garage?!

Hey IntoIt, could you tell me if you can tell what the hub of the spirit frame is? Is it reinfoced or light?

Here’s another website selling what appear to be K1 unis, but they are listed. The all seem to be marketed under the “CFG” brand, which apparently stands for “Cycle Force Group.” They also sell the coker 36er, and even that electric uni. These K1 unis are also sold at overstock.com, but Meijer has the lowest prices by far.


so i am gonna buy a backflip on fri. from MEIJER.COM and just noticed they have a 1 year replacement plan thing… me being pretty hard on my unis i KNOW something will break by the end of the year. i wonder what that worenty entals. and if i modify the uni if its void. should i pay the extra 17.99?

Checked it out on ye olde wikipedia and it says:

Isn’t Koxx-One based in France?(Their website says Telephone:+33 (0)1 64 04 44 63, I think +33 is France’s country code.)

I wonder if they’re responsible for importing to them into the U.S. and just have a load of them to get rid of before the new series comes out?

CFG also has them listed on their own site here, the Alien Backflip is listed at 284.95, Spirit @ 289.95, Domina II @ 269.95 etc.

+33 is indeed france.

Those alien/domina are very nice for the price. The XTPs don’t seem to come with the XTP frame but just a devil frame, a little dissapointing.

Seems weird K1/Koxx-one is not mentioned anywhere.

Crazy theory - K1 never made unicycles, they just rebranded cycle force unicycles! :roll_eyes:

^^ before this starts a flame war, I don’t actually believe this, but it would explain the super inflated k1 prices…

K1 company may be based in France, but Koxx 1 unicycles are made in Taiwan, as are most, if not all of KH products.

With everything that had been going on within the K1 branch of Koxx, this past year you can imagine that major marketing and sales are probably down, or at least not having the same type of growth that they once had.

My guess is, that the factory in Taiwan that makes unicyles for K1 as well as other no name unicycles had a ton of over stock that K1 was not able to sell. In which case the factory would find a a buyer who purchases said over stock in the form of a lot sale. Meaning they pay one set price for everything in that lot. Which in this case probably includes cheap unicycles, mid range, and nice unicycles. Rather than selling each one for the value they are infact worth, they just sell them for whatever allows them to make the profit they are looking for.

This is a good time to get a really good deal on a good uni, it appears. However keep in mind when companies like this buy product in bulk lots, they are getting exactly that a lot. It comes with both perfectly fine product, and damaged or defective product. That dose not mean that they are selling bunk unis, but there is always the chance they are selling something they have no clue about, and is not in mint condition.

I bet the dumpsters at these companies have what us unicycles would see as a gold mine of barely damaged unicycle parts.

Wowza, so i’ve been thinking of getting a new uni recently and this seems like a golden opportunity. The only thing is that I’ve never considered getting a K1 before because of the price. That said, I’m looking for a uni that can stand decent drops (5ft or so) and would be decent all around (some trail, mostly street).

What do you all reccomend? the write russian is definitely appealing, but I don’t know how heavy it is in comparison to oh, say, the green spirit. your input would be appreciated. thanks!

Black domina/green spirit/alien backflip are better, just because they have nicer frames, devil frames arent very good :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m looking to purchase an alien backflip from makais.com. are they reliable? it says it’s roughly $238, is that in american dollars? or what? who else has brought from them?

also, what are the payment methods if anyone knows??

I emailed makais a while ago, they don’t ship worldwide :frowning:

Mine came for christmas and all I can say is WOW. If you want to see mine look in my sig but they shipped the wrong uni first, then my mom contacted CFG and they sent me out the right one. Came with koxx street cranks which was a little bonus too:)

How come none of them are labeleed Koxx? Keyword “Koxx” in the search brings up NO results… are these real or knock offs?

I got a Green Spirit over Christmas. I’m pretty sure it’s real. It’s got an ISIS hub, double walled rim, nice aluminum pedals, the K1 street cranks, and a nice street saddle. It’s all labeled Koxx-One. If it’s a knock off, it’s a really good knock off. Certainly worth the $195 I paid.

I’m new here …first post… and I’ve just been doing some research trying to find a great deal on my 2nd uni…I just learned how to ride My torker LX 20…and now want to try something a little different … so these Koxx’s look like a great deal…and in my research…I started to see inconsistencies…

I’m not saying these are knock-offs… but the 2 things i’ve found out … may explain why these are less expensive right now…

first off… depending on who is advertising them …some say alloy frame…and others (renegade , for instance…which gives the most detailed specs) says Cr-moly Frame…

2nd…I called the place that has these on ebay (the Koxx one track monster 24 …for 220 shipped) and asked (going by what info I saw on Renegade once again) "so it looks like the the white russian 24 does NOT have brake mounts …but the Track monster has brake mounts …can you verify this for me ? " …and the lady told me … " we contacted the manufacturer about this …cause we’ve had other people ask this same question… and it appears that the Frame is being manufactured by someone new…OR maybe even 2 different sources… and that NO…this track monster that we are selling , does NOT have brake mounts.

Well, clearly the ones that renegade is selling for 500 or whatever…has brake mounts ANd brakes .

I’m not making any assumptions… I think that maybe these are still good overall…and still use alot of the same great components…

just putting it out there…that there is something different going on with the frames…and I’m still gonna risk dropping 220 (or less if i can make the Discounts work at meijer) … but i’ll post up more later …if i come across anything else.

btw …one more of us ,one less of them …haha…I just started to get the groove of unicycling …and I just went my first 100ft. yesterday…and a bunch of 80 footers etc. after having my uni for a few years now…i never stuck with it enough to get this far…

now i think im hooked !..I’m trying to practice almost everyday.

alright …later …and I’m curious to see any other opinions or knowledge on these koxx’s at such a good price…