Justin vs Justin vote

justin k http://www.vimeo.com/619816

justin a http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpzsAecXKvY

p.s. personally i vote justin a :sunglasses: , but you be the judge…

thanks guys, t’was fun…and well do it again when i get my new 20…

You both rock.

I think that J K had better, more creative lines, while J A had harder more skill oriented ones.

Both were awesome, but I think my vote goes to Kohse, on the basis of editing/filming.

I really liked yours, Abbot had some awesome tricks but he let me down because alot of his lines were very similar, and not as interesting as yours. Your video had some much cooler lines, and was very impressive to me, the only thing I didn’t like was the colours. It was all grey. Yours also felt over edited.

I’m gonna give it a tie. If I have to choose one then it goes to K, I just loved that line with the backwards hop.

No poll? I’m going for the Abbot though your editing was much better

Lol I vote for J A, his double backs are so nice… Sweet 180 double. Sweet bail at the end. Almost as sweet as my ninja skills… and these sweeet arm blades…

j k. back foot grinds look better.

haha back foot, yeeeeeah! lookin pretty even so far guys, keep it comin

I’d go with Justin Abbott for difficulty, and Justin Kohse for filming/editing.

Abbott, more flow, harder tricks, better to watch.

Good work man, I like your style.


I’m still sitting in the Justin K camp, yes I think Justin A had more technical skills I just prefered K’s video more, just felt better to watch.

i vote for khose, i really like his filming editing, and 24" street riding is awesome!!!
i also like justin a vid, but i had to make a choice

– bobousse, keep it up both of you

Justin A for me


both vids were edited great, but that should not decide
j a had a little bit more skill, both had an awesome flow

abbott like i said earlier.

This is how it looked to me

Abbot attacks his lines and has an awesome aggressive style that I wish to have one day. His tricks are super hard yet he throws them into lines like thier no big deal. (pluse everyone knows shifty’s are where its at)

Khose has an awesome fluid like smoothness that is really fun to watch. The editing on your viddy was also really good. I really like how creative you are with your lines.

Hard to call, but I’ll take that crazy abbot kid cuz I like his steezy riding

alright, this is fun…keep it comin!

who counts up the vote?

i have to say, i thought i had this one in the bag, but when i saw ur vid Khose…it was pretty raw!
it was just fluid…

i think we both can do better though, frankly… so the next one will be interesting.

I really liked both of them. It was really hard to decide which one was better.

I prefere the editting in Kohse’s vid, and I really like watching street on a 24.

I liked the riding in Abbot’s vid, and was also well editted. I liked the way the colours looked. But I was a bit disappointed with it. I would have liked if it was longer. It was still a very good video, but not as good as some of your other videos, especially [The Life].

Both riders are amazing, and both videos are awesome, but I vote Kohse for this contest.

This thread should be turned into a poll.

I’m gonna go with kohse… I really liked the 24" street and the lines. Although Abbott appeared to have more technical skill.

Justin Kohse!

I really like Justin A style… I love The Video [LIFE] That’s on his channel on you tube… But i didn’t liked this one… I don’t know why, but i didn’t liked!

Kohse lines are sick!.. And the editing is perfect…and i love that song!!!