Just to prove it is possibel

A few parts for my old schlumpf

Put off the Button

put on a long m3 nut on

put on the mountingplate, it is just screwed into the crankpuller thread.

put on the servo ( i built two microswitches inside, it is moving 360 degree and is stopped with the switches in the two positions of 180 degree)

put the lever on

put the batterie 12v/6v and the receiver on
position high gear

position low gear

looks a bit like a fluxcompensator.
The batterie and the receiver are too big.

A for shift down , B for up.
I allready tested it and it works, so it is possible, but i think it is really unnecessary.


Impressive ingenuity there! It took me a moment to work out what you were trying to automate, then a realised it was the gear changing element of the hub.

It would be impressive if someone could come up with a pedal assist version for a unicycle much like we have on e-bikes today to help on those hills.

You’re not the first one to automate this. But that’s always amazing to see such a project! :star_struck:

Do you mean Justin’s prototype? :grin:


Not to discount your technical skills but can you tell us about the frame and bearing caps?

It’s an original Schlumpf frame.

Ok, Very interesting I have never seen one before. Thank you.

Yes it is a Schlumpf frame, but the tubes are not orginal. The orginal oval diameter are really hard to get.

I would love to have an automated gear-changing system. While I can shift the gears, I usually end up slowing down first, and taking several tries to get it “right”. It would be nice to just shift when I want to, and be on my way.

I’ve seen one of the other setups for this; the maker had some cables stretched across where the buttons are, and a system to tighten those cables to push the button. Also a complex system, but hard not to be complex when it’s got to be on those rotating parts!