Just some questions about some upgrades I want on my KH 29"

Hello, I currently own a KH 29" unicycle. I bought it used about 8 months ago here on unicyclist.com in the trading section.

Currently, it has a really worn out 29 * 2.2 (it may be 2.4) tire. It’s almost completely worn out now. I am afraid it might fail very soon. I am looking to buy a larger tire that will get more grip in the sand and the mud (I have a lot of that in my area). Every time there is mud on the trails, the thing just spins out so I can’t ride after it rains. The same thing happens if I hit some sand on an uphill or something. The KH 29" I own isn’t very new though. The previous owner said it is an 07/08 model. I am worried that a 29 * 3 tire won’t fit because the 2.2" tire doesn’t have too much room left on the sides. Has there been changes to the frame since 07/08? Should a 3" tire fit? Also, I am looking at this tire:

Is this a good choice?

The pedals are also in pretty bad shape. They look ugly first of all (ugly green and pink on a kh), and they make a creaking noise when you ride which is very annoying. I am looking at these:


Are these a good choice?

Thanks for the time

I highly doubt that tire will fit, VeeTire tends to be pretty accurate with their measurements of their tires, so it probably isn’t smaller than 3" I’d lean towards something with a max size of 29*2.5.

I don’t know what pedals you are currently using, but if you aren’t use to metal pedals, your shins are going to be in a world of hurt. Otherwise those pedals seem great.

This thread about muni tires has a lot of good info it will be a good start if you have time to read it :). I’m pretty sure that tire you are looking at won’t fit on an older KH 29. You don’t need a 3" tire to get good grip, you just need a tire with tread. The short list of good tires… Maxxis Ardent 2.4, or Schwalbe Hans Dampf. Can’t really go wrong with either of those and they will fit.

Those pedals should work great.

I suggest you make sure your crank arms are on tight and the bearing holders are properly tightened if you haven’t done so already. Both can make noise that can be mistaken for bad pedals.