Just broke my Kris Holm rim :(

Hello everybody.
I was ride home from work today whit my Kris Holm 24" Freeride.
I was in the middle of the darknes and then I heard a sound and my wheel blocked.
I steped of and when I looked at my wheel I was shocked:
my rim was broken.
I started to walk to my home (3 km away lukely).
Now I’m sad :frowning:
Somebody had the same problem??
Is it onder garenty???
Link to pictures: http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=168557

Ha ha ha i had the same problem and by coincidence i had to walk home to i broke a nimbus trials rim. it is a defective rim not your fault. It should be under warranty if you bought from UDC.


I don’t bought it from UDC but from De jonglerie in Belgium but I send them a mail.
Lets pray

dang that sucks, that was probably a defective one al right.

there only $30 though


How old is it?

Has it been hard used?

If it is under a year old, you should be fine.

I know but its the principe I payed for good stuf and BANG it broked

And the cost of a new wheel build which will add about another $25 to the cost. Then add to that the cost of new spokes if you or the wheel builder doesn’t want to reuse the old spokes.

Here’s a reply from Kris about the bad batch of rims. The manufacturer added a brake wear groove on the sidewall of the rim. Kris didn’t spec that or ask for that. The manufacturer did it anyways. It is covered under warranty, but I don’t know how the cost for a new wheel build is factored in or even considered.

Its only 1 month old and never droped of high thing(I’m not so good at dropping jet)

I know thats what I told my parents:D

If it is just a month old you should be fine, you should not have to pay anything towards fixing it. It wouldn’t be fair for you to have to pay to get the wheel rebuilt.

That’s a bad way to end the year :frowning:

If you dont get a positive responce from who you bought the uni from I’d email Kris, he is always very helpful and will do what he can to help you out.

*especially for someone with a avitar like that

Ok I wil do that if the shop dosn’t reactes.
Thanks for your help.

PM Kris Holm or Email UDC. They should replace the defective rim for you. I know it’s been done for people in the past.

Whats Kris Holm’s email adres??:o

You can PM him here, his name is: danger_uni .

No,he doesn’t have that function:(

PM me and I’ll give you his contact info.

He has a contact email address at krisholm.com. Click on Contact.