Just broke my Kris Holm rim :(

I have send then a email 2 days ago but thanks for your help.

I’v got a mail back from Kris Holm.
It says:

Thanks for the polite note- sorry about this problem! The
manufacturer put this groove in the rims, which was not something I
had asked for, and unfortunately it created a weak spot. Please
return your hub to where you bought it (either Unicycle.com or Bedford
Unicycles) and they will build up a new wheelset for you with a
replacement rim for free, and mail it back. Alternatively, it would
be much quicker if you just talked with them and had them send out a
replacement rim directly, but you would have to arrange for your own


Now I am talking to the shop but it should be alright.

But I have to waith atleast one week now.
ONE WEEK no unicycling.

YES YES YES my KH is fixed:D

glad to hear it, I could barely imagine what it must have been like to have your uni not in use for all that time.

It sucks