I’m not that great at jumping, my personal record is just over 30cm. :angry: I still jump with the seat under me. I’m not confident in jumping with the seat in front of me, so, can I have some tips on how to increase my jumping height and ways to improve my confidence jumping with the seat in front of me.


Use the search funchtion!

George Peck,s tips on jumping http://vimeo.com/34745481

video link doesnt work

Here I’ll fix it: http://vimeo.com/34745481

wow i think i just confirmed that George Peck might be my biggest unicycle inspiration

Pretty impressive, right? I’m a long way from being able to do those deep knee bends.

Thanks for the fix, eh? George Peck has always been a favourite of mine. For when that was shot, tose were some pretty impressive side-hops.

I can do the bends easily enough but balancing like that after each one is pretty insane