Hopping SIF

I have maxxed out my Si hop so I desided i am going to learn SIF were should i hold the seat and would it help to cut a channel in the foam of my seat for my thumb? how much will this add to my hop? sorry for all the questons.

Hello, I don’t think its worth it. It will get more uncomfortable to ride and probably wont get you that much higher. I have a koxx-one luxury seat wich in my opinion is thin enough. If i was you i would either leave it or cut down the foam maybe 1 cm (Depends on how it is now) Hope this helped ^^

It is a luxury seat also. I an still not Shure :frowning:

Hold the seat on the side and back of where it mounts to your seat post. Your hand should be big enough for your thumb to be able to grip the other side of the seat, so cutting a channel is not necessary.

Thanks! At 210 pounds were should my hight max out?

You could run the calculations for the Work required for the 210 lb you vs a lighter you to get it, but my guess is it’d be 10% less than your max POTENTIAL height.

Holding the saddle like Ray said gives me the most control, but I can comfotably pull that hand up higher if have my thumb joint is in the middle, just above the seatpost.

People like to position the seat differently, but I like to hold it against the opposite leg to the hand I’m holding the saddle.

I can’t decide if it’s easier w/ my thumb in line w/ the seat or going accross (each is easier in different ways that I can’t really describe).

For tucking see this recent thread.

thanks! I am to big for the big trials hops i think :frowning:

I’d bet at least 100 cm is possible w/o loosing any weight (the record is over 133)

How tall are you? I bet loosing 30-40 lbs is very achievable (you look like a fit guy and definately not over weight). But loosing weight for a lot of people is difficult. Just riding a lot will melt away a good chunk of it :sunglasses:

I’ve come up w/ a exersise routine that I’ve had good results w/. PM me if you want it.

i am 6’4.

Well 40 lbs might be a bit much:p.

There is a guy at my college who is 6’4" and 160lbs but he is skinny as a rail. About as thin as a friend from high school who weighed 135 and the same height as me 150lbs, 5’10".

I am just a bit big for big trials

Dont assume that your weight will stop you from doing anything. If you are tall, then you will automatically be heavier than someone with the same build but shorter. If you are heavier, you probably have, or can develop the muscle you need to lift your weight to jump high.

I think that jumping high is at least as much to do with technique and timing as power to weight ratio. If you can develop the technique you will jump higher. The muscles will develop along the way. Plus you will probably lose weight anyway.

I am 6’4" too, and weigh 95kg (about 210lb). I am primarily a rock climber (weight is a disadvantage). I am at least 10 kg and up to 35 kg heavier than everyone i climb with. I regularily climb harder routes than most of them. I put this down to better technique, and better and more consistant training.

Interestingly, I GAINED nearly 20 kg from rockclimbing (in upper body muscle) yet I climb much harder now than when I started.

At the end of the day you will always be tall,and therefore “heavy” so you may as well learn to work with it. Just realise that it isn’t likely to hold you back.

There is a video of me climbing here if you are interested. (always looking for more views!)

I will try to get to 100cm thats my goal!

IMHO when you are starting, technique is MUCH more important than strength- I would guess most people will have the strength to hop to like 80cm or more, but it is their technique that is holding them back (or should I say down).

Once you nail your technique, you can then concentrate on power. Have a search for plyometrics (It’s you fire your muscles all at the same time to produce the greatest force you possibly can, useful for sports like basketball where you have to jump, or sprinting etc…)

I am going for it tonight.

Balloney! No such thing as too big!

+1. I bet 100+ cm is possible for any normal person w/ enough practice. No need to be a freak of nature like Joe, Max, or Fabien:D

Your weight might reduce your max potential hop height, but you could still learn to hop higher than most despite that. Also your ability to ride really technical trials would be unaffected which is more important than max height IMO. For example a few years ago Ryan Atkins won the European trials comp (FLUCK '07?) but there were like 10 people who could hop higher.

Joe Hodges is one of the highest hoppers and is pretty tall (about how tall is he & how much does he weigh?). That could actually increase your potiential height (more room to tuck). Overall considering the same build, short or tall, max height is probably about the same (short = less weight to pull up, tall = more tuck room)

I love technical trikes more thank big hops.

Maxxed out your SI hop? I dont think you can say you have reached a maximum hight :wink: But you actuall improve your SI hops alot by trainning SIF Hops last time (some months ago) i traned SI hops and got 68cm then I just tried 75cm a few days ago and got it first try and got the tire up static :slight_smile:

Pre-Hops and SIF Height Improvement

For the past year I have been stuck in 50 to 55cm SIF height. This low height is pretty frustrating to me since without the unicycle I can easily jump up on to objects over a meter in height.

I seem to have two problems:

First I am not bending my knees enough. I have tried so much to try and work on bending my knees more. Zack Baldwin squats and jumping without the unicycle beforehand.

Second I can’t seem to master the prehop. All my hopping is done with me quickly dropping to compress the wheel and then leaping. It just seems that when I do a prehop I loose my footing on the pedals and control over the hop.
Now don’t get me wrong with a lot of 40cm jumps I prehop no problem but when I am going for anything over the 50cm mark the prehop just doesn’t seem to work.

Presently I hop up onto any park bench but would like the ability to be able to hop up onto picnic tables which are about 70cm in height. This should be a pretty attainable goal.

Any suggestions on what I can do do improve my SIF hops?

I appreciate it.