Jumping rope on a giraffe- the video

While playing with the digital camera we shot some footage of me jumping rope on a giraffe. It is viewable with Quicktime, and is only 10 seconds or so. Its in the gallery: http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albuu30


Wow, that’s impressive!

How about some double Dutch?

I’m not familiar with the jump rope lingo like you, but I think that means the rope-twirlers would have to be on stilts.:slight_smile:

Nope, that’s all I got :frowning:

I was watching the jump rope championships (yes there is such a thing) on ESPN the other day. Lots of the jumping was very impressive, but none as impressive as giraffe jumping. Good job!


Cool. That’s a well trained giraffe.

I should state that’s actually a Unicycle Factory-built (Tom Miller) giraffe. I used to jump rope on a Schwinn Giraffe until I looked down one day & saw the frame flex visibly with each jump. Tom built me this very sturdy replica out of the bar-stock steel he used to use, and its served me well for 10-12 years.


Wow, very solid rope jumping! The side view is nice as it shows the motion and your technique. I can see where a frame would want to bend, as you have a bit of an angle on there and your pedals are a bit off-level. Notice the wheel moves a bit to the front and rear as you jump. I’m sure your Tom Miller frame can handle it!

Don’t forget to replace your chain every few years. Maybe more often if you perform regularly.

Coolest jump-rope trick I ever saw:
This was in the Moscow Circus’ newly rebuilt “old” circus building in Moscow, February 1990. A jump-rope team did a number of great moves, but the most impressive was a stack of jumpers on top of each other. Imagine four people in the body position for doing push-ups, stacked on top of each other facing opposite ways. Second person has his feet hooked over the bottom man’s shoulders, and holds onto his ankles. Third person faces the opposite way to that, and so on.

Oh, here’s the picture: