John Foss

I’ve never seen a picture or video of you unicycling, are there any you could post?

he has quite a few pics of himself on his website,

I can’t tell anything by those pics, the only one that really showed him was the wheel walking and rock jumping thing.

Try the thread below, click the link, and open the album for the Damento Juggling Festival. There are a couple videos in there of John (and Nathan and Beau) doing some stair riding.

Edit: Actually, all those albums from that link have videos in them, many of John. Many also from some of the earlier days, or at least back to 2001. Explore.

I saw him at Moab, so I know he exists. :slight_smile:

I played unicycle sumo with him and many others at NAUCC 2005

John’s got some muni skillz. He even does gnarly drops and rock trials lines.

I have some video clips of him up at Northstar a week or two ago.

Check in my gallery under Rides>Northstar>page2 and I have a video of John Ceaning a loooooooooong log. Also I have some clips of him riding muni in there somewhere.

He’s also in the first Universe, doing some off road wheel walking

Speaking of Catoby, one mustn’t miss this future classic:

If that doesn’t work, it’s in Catboy’s Dirty Harry gallery, which is right near the Northstar gallery he mentions above. It’s the one, relatively appropriately titled, “John Foss totally eating it.” :astonished:

I haven’t been very good about posting my own little video clips, though those rarely show me; they’re of others. My own gallery software, Smugmug, can display video but only in MPEG1 format. I haven’t looked into finding the right software to convert my cameras’ Quicktime video clips…

Check out this thread: Converting from MOV to MPEG or AVI
It’s all Windows based so you Mac converts will have to dig around for other software. The software mentioned is all freeware stuff.

Sorry John, but I had to make this… expect to see it around on the forums here and there.

I can’t read the red words at the end…

Here’s video of me being owned: JC Crash of the Day :smiley:
I don’t know what was up with the laugh at the end. Must be something messed up with the microphone on Tom’s digicam. Actually I hurt my ribs on that fall. Taking deep breaths afterwards didn’t feel so good so that may be the reason for the funny laugh.

Just for fun, watch this video for a few minutes and pay close attention to John’s feet just as they come off the pedals. They spin a couple rotations as if nobody told them they were no longer on the pedals. …its giggle inducing.

(Sorry John!!)

It should be noted that I was too much of a wuss that day to even try the log.

Hilarious! It’s like Fred Flintstone air-pedaling!

But if John weren’t such a great guy, it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun to roast him!

ouch! and that laugh scared me at the end.