joe campbell new vid

joe’s new amazing video:

how do you guys think it compares with his last video seen here?:

That was awesome. Quite a few close calls too haha, the scene where the cop pulls in right after he drops off the car, the clip where he clears the dumpster right before the worker comes out to throw something away… So good.

He seems to like his pedal grabs… way too much.

I think most of those lines would have been a lot nicer with out the grabs.

Towards the end I was just like " please no, dont go to pedal" but then he does. Looks like he has a big sidehop though, he should use it more.

hahaha… good video man (joe)… but your still a koxxone ass hole :sunglasses:

dude its sucks so much here right now… there is 4 feet of snow here…

so i am reduced to finding indoor places to ride

Awesome vid :D!

dumpster clip was good:)

Man, Joes the man.

I liked the broken post :stuck_out_tongue:

And he’s really skilled with pedal grab-style lines, though he should do them quicker.

Nice viddy.

that was awesome, really cool riding and nice editing.

i like the part where the lady got scared because of your unicycle:D

Cool video, really nice lines.

Joe Cambell is insane. I do believe he could go to rubber on a lot of those lines. But other than that. Amazing.

I forgot to mention, it was cool how he did a pedal grab on that rock, I don’t even see how that’s possible.

I like the rocks starting around 2:14… they look huge!
The whole thing was great… good enough for a professional video.

My only concern is the lack of helmet.

honestly this video was boring at parts. Alot of pedal grabs. good riding in all though

is he using a black domina frame?

unless there was a little lip on the rock, that was insane.

i liked the video, the pedal grabs were fine… nobody does them anymore…

woh man, some sick pedal ups in there. Good stuff.

girl reaction was fun, nice vid

That was amazing! Loved the pedal grab line at 00:19. And I couldn’t believe it when he grabbed up that steep as rock. Sure, there were heaps of pedal grabs, but I don’t think they were overdone. I think that they’re his best skill so he made the most out of using them.

I dont get why everyone is complaining about the pedal grabs, I thought they were cool, they added a new element of the video that I don’t see in many others. He used them creatively too, like gaping across the dumpster to pedal grab? Of course he could have gone to rubber but I feel like the pedal grab made it more interesting.


Trials videos nowadays are boring because they are all the same. The ones that have these different little twists to them are the ones worth watching. I don’t really think I would have enjoyed this vid if it was all to rubber.