Jamba Juice Unicycling

Last night Zack Baldwin, his girlfriend Kaori, our friend Robbie, and I went to Jamba Juice. I have two friends that work there, 1 was the manager, and they let us ride in the store. It was pretty fun, and luckily I had my folks’ digital camera with me and we took some photos and a bunch of little viddies. I complied the vids into one movie.

It’s nothing fancy, not even background music (besides Jamba Juice’s music).

Check it out!

Jamba Juice Jammin!

18 mb, mpeg.

There are also some photos of us there: http://www.unicyclejester.com/gallery/jamba_juice



That’s pretty cool. I like riding in stores. My manager at Best Buy likes it when i ride my uni into work. I don’t do any tricks while i’m in there, not that I can do any really, but it’s fun. I was riding into home depot today to meet my wife and some lady said “they’re not gonna let you ride that in there” and I said “sure they will” and rode in like I do all the time. I get nothing but smiles from all the employees and customers.

You should make a deal with them to ride around with a jamba juice jersey or something in exchange for free juices.

i love all ur vids man ur a great rider. nice viddy!

That stand up wheel walk mount was so cool. Too bad it missed.

I love you more and more every time I see you ride.

A lot of my good friennd work at Jamba Juice, so I get it free, also my friend hooked me up with a Jamba $60 Bike Jersey for free.

i ride into the local bar every night the doors are open on a warm night…oh wait,why am i posting here? oh yeah nice vid!

That was pretty cool. I can remember a similar experience from Dunkin Donuts from a long, long time ago. I even wrote a wacky little story from it in the On One Wheel (early 80s) I also used to ride inside the ice cream store where I worked.

Remember to keep this under your hats locally. You don’t want your manager friend to get fired!

Sweet! haha

I used to work at Jamba Juice. That place is awesome! They used to let me ride around on the clock too :astonished: . I think Jamba Juice is a very Uni friendly business.

Maybe we should start something like the BBB but only for businesses embracing unicycles… or not. :slight_smile:

Im gonna DL the vid now. Im sure its good! thanks jess.