It's not Universe II, but......

Hey eveyone, I have a new video up, it’s only 10MB in Real Media format.

The clear version is 54MB.

Yay? Nay?

MUni Trials North Bay


Very nice video, Brian. And great riding.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

that is a Yay!

Great movie! :smiley:


Wow! a couple of revelations:

  1. That really is your head.
  2. You’re willing to ride down and across some stuff I’m still chicken to do.

Awesome toys and a cool building location! Is that a school? I am reminded I need to increase my confidence when it comes to riding on elevated skinnies. I don’t have any near home so it’s hard to practice. But we had great fun on some similar ones up in Truckee on Sunday.

Thanks for sharing the vid!

My head:

The camera was taken at chair level while I was starnding, glaring down, so it really distorts it, what with the beard, n all…that’s part of the hilarity of the final pic. (I’m now clean shaven again)

This is at a school, they built the school right next to the dismount point of a ski hill chair lift (you can get tothe top of the hill, and the bottom by different roads.

You thought sitting in class was tough on a summer day? Look at all these things the kids in this school have to look at!

Thanks for the praise guys!


Looks good Brian, when was that all shot???
and would you be able to sen me the clear shots from the

Sofa, that…is…AWSOME!!!

That is one rockin’ video. I love the soundtrack.

cheers… Mojoe

nice work!

is the clear version available?
My system doesnt like real player at all. If not its ok, im sure i can find another pc to play it on.


I’m missing something, as usual. I found the link vid to be very unclear. How can I get the clearer version? I went to LUC and couldn’t find either one. :frowning:

I never upped the high quality version.

What format would you like a clearer version in, Dave and Mark?

I really don’t like real at all. I’ve really taken a liking to Quicktime, but any format that can play on windows will work. I’m looking forward to watching the movie.


for some reason, the movie would just not come out in quicktime…that’s usually the movie editor i use. i tried several times

I’d like to see it, but hate Real. I prefer mpg, but can deal with avi, mov, and even the lame wmv.

Yeah, I guess when you click on the file, it opens up and plays, I can see why you’d hate it so much

Here is the 50MB AVI version of the movie

Enjoy (I did)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Much better. Thanks, Sofa, and NICE RIDING! I especially like the exposed rock climb at the beginning.

Bleep, my computer is going slow. It’s usually 2-300 KB/Sec, and right now it’s going 13.7 KB/Sec. It took less than ten minutes to download Muniac the Movie, and it’s 130 or so MB. Oh well.

i think it may be my server…it took forever to upload

Nice! Thanks for posting the 50MB one. There are a lot of really nice shots and riding in there. I like where you drop briefly onto the rock that moves a lot. The one criticism I have is that is a couple of shots the camera follows your upper body with the wheel cut off. I think it’s better to follow the wheel and maybe cut off part of the rider (although I like your beard!)