It works! It works! Uni-publicity works!

Not that I ever had any doubts really, it’s just nice to see it all fall together once in a while.

Remember this?
And this?
First linked to here.
From this thread?

Ok, Aubrey phones me on Tuesday morning to say that the UniHoki insert in the SuperCycling show will be shown on Tuesday evening.
Great. (It’s been recorded and I’ll post it as soon as I get hold of it.)
He did tell me that there would be a couple of rebroadcasts of the show so it should flight a total of about 4 times. The first time early on Wednesday morning.
I get an SMS from a friend of mine who’s on holiday in Umhlanga Rocks. They’re being kept indoors by some serious rain. Her friend is watching telly and calls her over. “Hey, come watch these crazy guys playing unicycle hockey.” Before Sarah can even say “I’ve got a friend who plays…”, my mug is plastered all over her TV. “What were the chances?” she wants to know from me.
About even.

At the same time, in a hotel room in Rosebank, the French-Canadian plant manager for one of the underground stations of the Gautrain wakes up having only been in the country for a couple of days.
He’s spent the past couple of years building a dam in Hong Kong and being a member of the Hong Kong Unicycle Hockey Team.
He flips on the telly to see a cycling program and hear the presenter throw forward to a UniHoki insert.
What were the chances?
I now need to know.
He checks out the insert. I wore a cap with the website printed on the front but he didn’t notice it.
He tries the addy anyway (serious attack of common sense there…) and finds Alan’s place-holder page, (the site should be up and running by next week). Turning his hand to Google (we’re going to get along like a house-on-fire, I can tell), he searches for Unicycle Hockey in South Africa and finds the press release I sent out via a free press release website when we were about to play our very first game in South Africa, a little over two years ago now.
My phone number is still at the bottom of the release so he phones me to find out if we’re still playing.
Are the Kennedys gun shy?
We also had the inaugural JoyBurg UniMeet yesterday.
Just a bunch of us hanging out at the park but we thought we’d give it a fance name. Smoke and mirrors, you know me. We’re planning a slightly more involved set-up, probably spanning a weekend in the foreseeable future. I’ll keep you posted.

But this thread is mainly here to illustrate the value of every bit of uni-exposure you can generate. You never know when it’s going to pay off.

And for right now, there’s one more of us.

Wow, I bet he’s glad he turned on the telly and saw you.
Has he ever ridden before?

Yeah, he learnt about three years ago and has been a regular player in the Hong Kong Unicycle Hockey team, even playing in international matches against teams from Singapore.

I just got a phonecall from the producer of a show called SuperSaturday.
It’s a magazine-style sport show broadcast live on Saturday mornings.
It’s quite irreverent and very funny.
They’re keen on getting some unicycling on the show after seeing the hockey insert on their sister channel.
This is going to be fun.

It’s been confirmed.
We’re going to be on that show tomoro morning.
It’s an hour and a half long show and the producer said they’ll probably do three crossings to us where we’ll be playing a game out in the courtyard of the building.
We’ll also get Shaun to do some trials-demo stuff.

Should be a blast.