It Floats!

Just in case anyone was wondering…

Unicycles float.

Cool, I’ve always wanted an amphibious unicycle.

I think all the Unicycles with big tires, (and airseats help too) float quite well (monty, Gazzoloddi ect)., but i d’ont think standard unis float as well. I say this because someone told me of a guy who’s unicycle fell into Lake Ontario, and he got it back from the police 6 months later. Personally, i’m not going to experiment on my unicycle, but this is just what i think.

happy uni-floating…


Oh! and has anyone made a unicycle out of one of those water-tricycles? I’ve always thought that would be soooo cool!

From personal experience, and with two eyewitnesses, I can assure you that a unicycle EVEN with a Viscount seat (previously used as a cruise ship anchor) floats like a fishing bobber. OK, my eyewitnesses are about as reliable as a cross between Ray Charles and Bill Clinton, but they were alive and at the scene.

Was that was with a 24x3 Gazz?

I hope Kris’ unicycle floated after this wipeout. I’d hate to have to dive down to retrieve a unicycle at the bottom of that lake.

That’s only true if it had a fat enough tire. If it was a stock Schwinn, it would have sunk like a rock.

But on a well-equipped MUni, it’s nice to know “Your seat may be used as a flotation device.” I think the first time we saw this was in 2001, as seen at Wilder Ranch with David Poznanter and Chris Reeder:


My 20 inch ‘muni’ with its old viscount seat and 2.5 inch tyre sank like the titanic in SALT WATER, which is more bouyant than normal water…
what was it doing in salt water? Living on the coast, I took a 12 foot malibu sufboard out in the break with my uni in an attempt to ride a wave on my uni (and get it all on camera)…needless to say, it didnt work.
I’m going to wait until i get another uni before trying it again…

I can see a new niche product for to sell - Unicycle board leashes!:stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun!


Just a quick question, how well do miyata seats handle the water?
As the viscount was closed cell foam, it didnt absorb anything - but the miyata may be open cell - it sure feels softer.
Has anyone wet a miyata?

(and no rude or lewd comments about how a seat could get wet)

The Miyata seats are open cell foam. It’s similar to carpet pad foam. It’s fairly dense so it’s not going to soak up water like a sponge, but it will get wet and hold water.

Any seat that gets dunked in water should be taken apart to dry. If it stays wet you could end up with mold or mildew in the seat.

Re: It Floats!

Actually that might be locale and seat dependent. In California, we
routinely get our seats soaked (and watch the unicycles floating in the
river). But the dry climate and use of air instead of foam inside, with the
Gemcrest leather cover means that we never have any problems after getting


“john_childs” <> wrote
> Any seat that gets dunked in water should be taken apart to dry. If it
> stays wet you could end up with mold or mildew in the seat.

Re: Re: It Floats!

Very true. If you have an air seat with only a tube and no fabric air pillow and no foam then you won’t have a problem.

For some reason I was assuming that everyone made their air seats the way I do with a fabric air pillow and foam on top. :slight_smile:

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And that everyone lived where the humidity ranges from 85-100%.

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I do, I do


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I Don’t, I Don’t

Here in Colorado, it’s turbo dry. After I get off the river, I’ll lay my gear out on the ground or rocks, flip it once or twice, while others are running shuttle. 30 minutes later when they get back most of it is completely dry.

Lots of the Boaters in Virginia are always talking about mildew in their gear. I’m glad I’ve never experienced this.

I guess My Velo seat will never mildew either. A good thing.

Maybe we must add a point in the test “Are you a unicyclist nut?”
Something like… Do you know if your unicycle float ?