ISIS hubs

What makes ISIS hubs so much better than regular hubs? I know they’re stronger, but what’s so special about them?

It’s the fact that they basically don’t break. Broken hubs suck. I have one now. First I had to completely disassemble the unicycle, and now I have to mail my (splined) hub to Switzerland to get it fixed. There’s already a thread about that, hint hint.

I cannot find the mentioned thread.

I finally want to find out what splined and cotterless means. I only know ISIS and square tapered hubs.

Cotterless and square taper are the same thing.

ISIS is a particular standardized type of splined hub allowing many crank options from different manufactures.

JF is refering to the problems some are having w/ their geared hubs. (that’s one of the risks you take by getting relatively new technologies before all the bugs are worked out :roll_eyes: )