Is this any good for a learning tool?

To learn how to unicycle? No. As far as I am concerned, the only training wheel that will help with unicycling is holding onto a railing or someones shoulder.


get yourself up on the uni, and just keep going for it, over and over.

That won’t help with learning the front to back balance which IMO is the trickiest part of learning to unicycle. Also for $210 you might as well just save your money for a good unicycle. Also if my french holds up it only claims to have a load limit of 60kg/132lbs.

it would be super fun!

I have ridden one of them there “skate bikes”. Some fun can be had with it but it freewheels and is nothing like a unicycle.

The (pre) Semcycle team brought a small fleet of those (an earlier version by Motobecane, with fixed wheels) to the 1983 USA National Unicycle Meet. I have a picture of my dad riding one. Non-unicyclists cruised those things all over the place, while the unicyclists seemed to have more trouble riding them. I think maybe they were over-thinking it? :stuck_out_tongue: