Is there a decent giraffe? (quality and price)

So I’ve been tossing around the idea in my head to save up for a giraffe before I have to start saving for the holidays. I’ve been doing a little reasearch, but haven’t really found what I’m looking for.

I know that as far as quality goes, the Nimbus Performer is about the best you can get without going custom. However, I can’t justify $400+ on something that is only going to be a yard rider.

What I’m looking for is a nice mid-priced giraffe that would be strong enough to handle the abuse of learning, and could take hopping up and down stairs. I’m just wanting something to ride around the house and at school events. Does this exist? Are giraffes like the Torker TX or Nimbus Deluxe (single chain) able to handle something like this? I wish Nimbus hand’t discontinued their 5 ft. double chain cause that looked decent.

Sorry if this question is redundant, but a lot of threads I was looking at as far as giraffe quality were dated.

Thanks for any help and for taking the time to read through this thread. It is much appreciated.

I would have a trawl through the trading post area

There always seem to be one or two giraffes popping up
I think it’s because many unicyclists like you want
To learn and try one, but they’re not very usable so it seems they often get sold on
And put a wanted ad up

The trouble with most giraffes, are they are big. And most to be strong don’t disassemble. So shipping may cost a fortune

Another place to look can be eBay, for any Schwinn Giraffes. That’s a great quality frame, and very good overall uni, though it there are some issues. Mostly if it has the screw-on, track hub style bottom sprocket vs. the later, 3-bolt version. 3-bolt is preferred, but I think a lot more of the older type were made so they seem to be more common.

Thanks guys.

I see what you’re saying about shipping Fatlazypig, ~$45 to get one shipped to my house from UDC.

John, I’ve seen your posts about your schwinn and would really like to track one down as that does seem to be a decent uni. Will keep an eye on ebay and the post here.

I found one for sale around where I live on a local website. Can anyone identify the make of this giraffe? I’m assuming it’s a sun due to the other uni he is selling, but I’m not sure.

I’d be willing to offer the guy a hundred bucks if it was decent…

Ah, I think it is a Sun. Oh well. I’ll keep looking around… There are some guys on ebay offering Torkers with free shipping for ~$130.

the Nimbus Deluxe appears to have a bolt on bottom sprocket as well…

Well I sent the above mentioned guy an email about his giraffe. (Now I think it’s actually a Savage after looking at pictures on the net.)

I figure if he’d be willing to unload it for a decent price, I could at least decide if I like it or not. I know it’s not the bolt on bottom sprocket but I could locktite it and hope it holds. If I do like it, there’s room for a 24" wheel in there I think and maybe I’d gear it up. :smiley:

Sorry for the 4 posts in a row…:frowning:

Not sure of the make, but it does look like a decent buy for $100. The Schwinns on eBay can be hard to find; you may need to to keep looking for a while before one crops up.

There was a Schwinn posted in the trading post a few weeks ago that may still be available: Classic Schwinn 6' Giraffe

Thanks for the heads up Gilby! However, I think I just about got the deal sealed on the one I posted above. I’m headed out of town but arranged to pick it up and pay next Friday! Can’t wait.