Is leg armor worth it...newbie

me and my dad were talking about KH style leg armor and gloves compared to say knee pads and wrist guards . i dont want to impulse buy so is it worth the money or should i just use skateboard style armor for muni, i am willling to spend the money but i dont want to waste it either.any imput would be nice :thinking:

i would suggest leg protection. all it takes is one pedal to the shins to wish you had some. :smiley:

By far the most common use of leg armour is saving your shins and calves from being smashed by a pedal. Note this isn’t too much of a problem if you are just learning and have nice plastic pedals. A pedal in the shins causes some pain and bruising but usually doesn’t break the skin. If on the other hand you are working on tricks where your feet come off the pedals and then back on (uni spins, crank flips etc) chances are you are also using metal pedals with spikes for grip. In this situation a pedal in the shins can mean a trip to hospital with a nasty gash that requires stitches.

I would recommend leg armour to anyone riding Muni, trials or street. It is not necessary for learning to ride or for freestyle, unless you are working on tricks like unispins. It can sometimes help beginners to learn quicker because they feel safer and are hence more likely to risk pushing off from the wall, without the fear factor holding them back.

If you are short on cash, a cheap pair of soccer shin guards are better than nothing, although they will only protect your shins. A good set of leg armour also protects your calves. Knee protection is not as critical, but good leg armour tends to incorporate this anyway.

Gloves are handy if you take a spill and put your hands out to break the fall. Leg armour will save you more often than gloves, although road rash on hands is not nice.

If you plan on doing trials or any Muni YES

Shin/knee armor is worth it.

One of my friends just got these and they look pretty good.


I’ve got these and like them alot.


After a few pedal bites, you’ll think they’re worth it also. :slight_smile:

BTW, I haven’t seen the KH in person, but it looks pretty good also. If it stays up better than the SixSixOnes I’d get the KH. But right now, I tuck the SixSixOnes into my ActiveAnkle braces so they can’t fall down.

One other thing, you can get a pretty nasty pedal bite from a plastic pedal as well. I’ve still got some scars from my learner uni with plastic pedals from about a year ago.

thanks yeah when i was learning my legs turned i nice shade a purple/black because of the pedals so i am in favor of them just wanted to make sure :slight_smile:

Depends if you want shins that look like this.


yeah deffinitely get something to cover both areas. Personally I’ve been using the ol’ 661 4x4s for years, you can argue the toss versus the Kh armour but they’re both good. For the hands i prefer skate style wrist guards because I like to have my fingers exposed, if you’re going to ride on rock alot this may not be a good idea. I would say if you’re keen on muni then get the best you can, think how minor an injury you’d need to pick up to spend more than that in hospital bills.

there are many options when it comes to shinguards, i prefer a neoprene guard that wraps all the way around the back of the leg, and has a hard plastic insert in front of the shin bone. one key feature i’m sure nearly everyone agrees on would be having coverage on the front, sides, AND back of the leg. some bike or multisport shinguards only have protection on the front of the shin. find something that will not ride up, or slide down your leg, and look for one that covers the entire shin from top to bottom. i use a guard that does not have a built in kneepad (personal preference) and full fingered gloves.
oh, your skate kneepads can be worn with these shinguards if you want to protect your knees. :slight_smile:

No thanks! What a vision that would be if it were flesh… :astonished:

I also recommend full protection front and back. I use 661’s for muni.

I also recommend the ones that go all the way around. I borrowed some Fox ones that didn’t cover the back of my legs and now have a scar on the back from my pedals.

A lot of people, including me, have a big problem w/ 4X4’s sliding down and exposing the knee. Also the velcro tabs rip off pretty easily. Another thing is how long it takes to put them on is a little annoying.

Because of this and that I felt they didn’t have enough knee protection anyway, so I cut off the knees, sowed them tight and incorporated some of these pads.

The KH armor is supposed to stay in place better, be more comfortable, has padding on the inner knee (some people hit their knee on the frame), cooler, and last longer than 661 4X4’s

Lewis, I should do that to my own 4X4s, good knee protection is really nice when you are on steep slopes and you are less likely to fall with control.

I only use my leg armor for MUni but have hit my shins pretty good doing trials (but never my shins), I should probably wear them for that too.

For MUni I would suggest using something more beefy than the KH wrist wrap gloves but for cokering they are great, some wrist protection, comfortable and will protect you from road rash.

I bought them after learning one spins, used them all through learning 3spins, and now i’m using them for flip tricks… Definately worth it.

I went to walmart and bought soccer shin gaurds with detachable ankle guards.

I can have my shins covered for intense stuff and only ankles covered if I only want to do light stuff while avoiding my crank nubs.

Crap, I meant “(but never my knees)”

Thanks Unibugg

That is part of the reason why I cut off the knees. If it was hot out and I didn’t feel I needed the knee padding, I could just cover my shins.

I haven’t done this yet. I never hit my shins except maybe in Muni. (I can’t do any trials stuff yet)

I had the red KH wraps and didn’t like them. It felt like to get enough protection to be useful I had to put them on REALLY tight. I use pads like these w/ a piece of cheap insole sowed in for extra padding.

i have a message to anyone considering not buying leg protection:

dont be stupid like me and think you can get by with soccer shin gaurds.

I went riding with Gracie Sorbello a few weeks ago and she got a nasty pedal bite that would have been avoided if she was wearing leg armor:



yeah i plan on getting some KH leg armor when gets medium in stock. as to the pedal bites i get what you guys mean i have two so far one 8 days old and one i got today i don’t care yet but they will keep stacking up on each other so i hope medium gets in stock soon. i tried soccer pads but both bites are on the back of my leg not the front so i know where i need protection lol. as to wrist i got some weight lifting gloves and they are working great. thanks for the advice :slight_smile:
mine look like the abm429’s but longer and on only one leg…my girlfriends are going to freak…i cant wait evil snicker