Is leg armor worth it...newbie

If you are mostly getting bites on the back of your legs you could try wearing soccer shin pads backwards under the armor as most armor does not have very much protection in the back.

yeah ive thought of that but i dont really mind yet so im juut waiting thanks though :slight_smile:

yeah, i didnt care at first eather, but im all about the ladies and id rather not gross them out with bloody calves.

(unicycling gives you amazing calf muscles, pedal bites make it kindof counter-productive though)

I’m glad I have leg arumour… wouldn’t get on the uni without it for quids.

in my thread they say get the kh leg armour.

yeah i am the opposite i kinda enjoy freaking out the girls i know ,and i ordered some kh a couple of days ago so i am getting some

Would buying two soccer shin guards and putting one in the front of your leg and one in the back work? I can’t afford $50 leg armor.

yeah but it wont protect your knees and it might feel really weird

Idk try it out

yeah i was about to Frankenstein some leg armor but did not . i would suggest just saving up your money for a while i did and so far it is worth it :smiley:

Yes. that’s all there is to say, I have pedal scars to prove it.

It’s been a long time since I’ve worn those (20 yrs), but if memory serves correct, just one pair of the ones I had were hotter than my 661’s are.

Look at the X-rays of my leg for an Answer!

Allthough the Armor didn’t save me from breaking my leg it has saved my kneecaps a few times and my shins and calves from pedal bites countless times. the Armor did minimize the damage to the leg.


One pair of soccer style shin guards is in no way hotter than 661s. I dont know what 661 you are talking about but I am assuming there is something in front and in back of your legs. Soccer guards(the ones you would buy for uni) are hard in the front, and there is nothing in the back, just one little strap. They are much much cooler than any of the 661s Ive had.