Is It True About Everyone Unicycling at St. Helen's School?

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I’m updating and am wondering if the following
item is true. Please let me know.

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At St. Helen’s School in Newbury, Ohio, unicycling is a mandatory
subject. The students are allowed to ride their unicycles in the halls
between classes. Collisions are surprisingly few.

I’m not sure… I think I heard something about that a long time ago but I’m not sure.
btw, Isn’t that were Rod Serling went to school?

Hm, I think im going to transfer schools. =p

perhaps they are still allowed to ride in the hallways

FROM 1999

I think the text you’re updating is from the early 70’s or before. At that time, this is how the school looked, but I don’t think unicycling was ever mandatory. It just became ultra-popular, was allowed and encouraged. It all started with Father James Moran buying a used unicycle for the school’s P.E. program. Things started slowly, but for some reason they exploded and virtually every kid at the school was riding, at least for a few years. Father Moran was one of the founding members of the Unicycling Society of America.

Not sure what the situation is at the school these days. I doubt unicycling has been allowed in the halls for many years, due to insurance.

thats a good idea, I may follow

Back in the day when I went to St. Helens we did ride to class & we had spills too. Father moran made everyone learn to ride, however joining the team was your choice. I beleave this made a stronger people ready for what life gave you.

My 3 girls just learned to ride in just 2-3 months. My youngest (6) was very determined. This will be their 2nd year at St. Helens.

About a year ago the old team decided to have a reunion. After that they decided to start the team up again using old members as coaches and new kids as the disciples. They now have a very large group and are very sought after for the parades. Many trophies have already been won in a very short time period.

Do I ride? are you nuts?

Here is a page from the group.

Of course we are. Most of us ride unicycles, after all. I assume from your questions that you are not and do not.

I live about 6 miles away from St. Helen’s and people that see me riding ask me all the time if I went to school there…wish I had! I probably wouldn’t be riding today if I hadn’t so impressed by seeing them in our local parades back in the late 60’s/early 70’s. I’m so glad that they’ve brought it back to the school.

St Helens

I attended St Helens in the 4th & 5th grade. We rode in Jimmy Carter’s inauguration parade so that gives you a hint at my age. We WERE NOT required to ride unicycles or take classes. You were free to choose to ride or not. We DID ride in the halls and I don’t recall any accidents.

We rode uni’s in gym class quite a bit in order to get better…