Is Electric Unicycling Actually Unicycling?

I like to think they banned them because they aren’t real unicycles.


As a lifelong unicyclist since the age my feet could first reach the pedals, I can tell you that electric unicycles are incredibly awesome! I would say that they are a form of unicycle because having been a pedal unicyclist, my mind automatically knew how to ride an electric unicycle. There was zero learning curve. Just took a few minutes to learn how to hop on and that was it! Riding was second nature. Because there’s no remote or other sort of interface for maneuvering the vehicle, it really feels like mind control when you ride an electric unicycle! And eWheels have evolved into serious machines that have full suspension and can go up to 60mph. They are absolutely amazing! So stop all the hating on them… especially if you haven’t ever ridden one. Have an open mind. Take one for a ride. I bet you’ll love it!


I just checked in my Unicycle on a Qantas Flight to New Zealand.
Noticed that electric self balancing devices are forbidden to be carried on the aircraft.

Yes, if you want to devolve those E-unicycles back to a traditional unicycle:
a.) Remove the gyro and computer that control fore/aft balance.
b.) Then “carefully” control only the wheel throttle.

However, you still have an added advantage on the device platform.
The pedals are stationary. They do not revolve.
Your lateral balance is not just upper body lean, but controlled by what you are standing on. Like a “see saw” for lateral balance.

On a real unicycle the “see saw” is a revolving pedal. Again, it is not just “book on your head or tight rope walking balancing” for control. It is the downward pressure on each side of the pedal during the whole cycle of pedaling that controls most of the lateral balance. This is the key to smooth pedaling that you are not even aware of when you feel “fully seated”.

Some advanced unicycle riders do not believe this, but how do you explain lateral balancing when you are riding SIF? Upper body tilting? Seat holding manipulation? Nope. All in your pedal pressure between 1,2,3,…11,12 o’clock positions.


So i have a stupid idea that might count as an electric unicycle

Attack something like like, have kh cranks to have an additional brake as potential stopping power if a brake isnt included with the motor, have it activate via a button or throttle, and very low power settings.

It seems like it could be done with off the shelf parts and be a somewhat practical.

Looks fairly bulky to me. I can’t imagine they could make it slim enough to fit between the crank and frame of unicycle, given that even some brake calipers alone don’t fit there. Fine on a bike but not for the more compact areas on a uni.

Agreed probably not this model exactly but given the fact that someone will pay $3,000 for a geared hub and the cheap availability of Chinese e-bike parts I feel like there’s a fun way to make the stupid idea work. I will not be the one to do it as I have yet to break a bone in my life and I like my collarbone in one piece but some of y’all Muni on a 36 so one of us is probably brave enough to try it and has the skill to not die