inventors needed

This thread is about some unicycle-related products would like to buy … if they existed:

  • [easy] a Muni Bag: I’ll like to climb a mountain with a backpack containing my muni. then, when at the top, I will take the Muni out , fold the bag and have a small backpack containing food and my water bag (so now I can go down easily without having a big thing on my shoulders)

  • [more difficult] adjustable cranks and seat post: I mean I don’t want to step down then get tools to change my crank length and the height of my seat post.
    just a button on my bar will be perfect :smiley: (Ok I may compromise and step down and do something simple enough)

other ideas?

Dropper seatposts exists, I do not know if the fit unicycles though. Press a button/lever, then you’re done.

If you tied your muni to a small backpack, that might work as a temporary, if ghetto, solution.

Dropper posts are a bit of problems on unis if you ride low. Also, they dont like to be pulled up. So, when you have your seat high, you probably wont hop, so that’s no problem, but you’ll probably be pulling the seat and hopping when the seat is at the lower position. We would need a mecanical dropper post.

For the bag… not really my kind of stuff, I dont know much about bags… and I’d rather try to ride up haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Get the Qu-ax bag and bring some duct/gaffers tape.

Or this unicycle bag.

For the seatpost I think something like the old “HiteRite” would do the trick, but it has it’s problems too. First, they work better with a standard QR binder bolt in a brazed on binder lugs. Using it in a removable collar can work in the right collar, but it might not secure the post as much as we would need.

There have been a couple of different adjustable cranks in the past. One that had a bit of a following for a while had a sort of two piece arm with a knee joint. The length was adjusted by loosening the knee joint and rotating the arms into a notch. It is a design that could be refined from what I remember, but I think all of the photo’s are gone along with the old “gallery.” If anyone has a pair of the cranks maybe they can post pics in this thread.

IRD made a handlebar remote lever for the Hite Rite, but you’d be hard pressed to find any of those. I have no idea how you would remotely adjust the seatpost, and the cranks simultaneously without a microprocessor.

3rd Generation Schlumpf hub?

Re-manufacture of the “death-grip”?

Re-manufacture of the Wallace fiberglass stiffening plate for saddles?

Okay, all these things already existed in some form, but I’d like to see them available, again.

Dropper seat post discussion from last month:

Seems like quick releases are simple enough… Cheaper than a dropper post too.

I feel like it would be hard to implement a change in crank size that is sturdy enough, yet still able to be done while riding.

I wish quick release pedals worked with the dual hole cranks. I gather that the holes are too close together for the adapters to be in each hole at the same time.

That’s right. Kris Holm tested it, it’s not possible.

I have such a bag and it does not meet my needs (too bulky, once the Muni is out)
I think that another solution could be to start with some simple camelback with an ingenious strap system (after all the Muni does not need to be inside the bag!)

I was precisely thinking about the idea of these rotating arms (but never found the pics)

For the bag problem I would consider a “normal” backpack, with the addition of some straps and some padding. I know there are a bunch of riders who have done this so maybe one or more of them can see this and offer suggestions.

The idea is that the backpack provides the contact with your body, and the unicycle is attached to the backpack. Extra padding if necessary if there’s a part of the unicycle that needs support outside of the backpack to keep from bumping against you.

You might need to take a pedal off, which might require the addition of a wrench. But if you’re a weight-weenie you can suck it up and let the pedal chew on your head or back. :slight_smile:

I like this photo.

It’s from this thread.

exactly the kind of thing I would like! (I mean a set of straps correctly set together to be tied to a backpack -and with some additional padding - I can take one pedal out)
edit: I will put the seat upright though!

And if you are a true weight-weenie, the resulting hair/skin/tissue loss would save you a few more grams. :slight_smile: