Into the Thunderdragon

I have heard a lot of good stuff about Into the Thunderdragon. But I have also heard that it is a bit to much documentary and to little unicycling. How much unicycling is it really?

I also wonder when the Universe 2 preview is ready for us living far away that can’t go to places where the show it?

Into the Thunderdragon is a film about two guys traveling through Bhutan, with unicycles. There is plenty of unicycling, but it’s also a travelogue of Bhutan. In other words, non-unicyclists can watch it. It’s not solid unicycling, or “unicycle porn” as somebody calls videos of nothing but riding, with no plot or storyline.

plus there’s plenty more unicycling in the extra features on the DVD, so get that if you have a player.

Universe II is expected to be completed sometime in September. Don’t bother with a preview, just get ready to order a copy! Plans are to show the full video at the California MUni Weekend in October. I just have to figure out how to fit 50+ people into my living room, which is where the “good” TV is… :slight_smile:

we could just haul it outside if the weathers nice :smiley:

That would appear to be John Childs in this here thread. Nice one, JC, very clever.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I didn’t come up with the “porn” designation for action sports videos. I’ve heard mountain bikers refer to MTB action videos as bike porn and I’ve heard kayakers refer to kayaking videos as kayak porn. The only requirement for the “porn” designation is that it’s an action sports video with all action and no plot.

Re: Into the Thunderdragon

That will be great to see U2 with a ton of unicyclists - shades of that wild
showing in the bar in China of the first one back in 2000. Nice as it might
be though, John’s TV is too big to move! We’ll have to squeeze inside. We
could have two showings too (probably will anyway as in China).


Well thank you anyway for bringing it to our world.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

And driving, action-oriented music, ideally without words…

sorry to burst your bubble there jjuggle but when Into the thunder dragon first came out there was much talk of bike porn and yes Uni porn as well…

Speaking of unicycle porn, does anyone know if UniVerse II is going to come out on DVD? And if so, are there going to be any special features?

it will be on DVD,and ive been asking for easter eggs for over a year.i love those eggs.

John, allow me to help in this time of need. I invite everyone to my house for this feature showing of UniVerseII. I have a huge game room/den in my basement, complete with 57" Widescreen TV with DVD player.

Plane tickets from CA to TN shouldn’t be to bad during October, plus, I’ll plan a really nice ride for right after the showing. Plus, I’ll throw in buttered popcorn for free! :D–chirokid–:smiley:

So, are you going to give away the T.V. as a door prize? Please? I’ll even throw in a copy of “One Tired Guy,” since you don’t have it yet. :smiley:


the best way to ensure EVERYBODY is REAL nice to u till then…


shifts…?..big squeeze into the livingroom room,i dont care…just dont spill my beer!

Hey, don’t schedule your MUni Weekend at the same time as mine (Dan’s coming to mine). You’ll get a lot more people if it’s on a different weekend. :slight_smile:

Re: Re: Into the Thunderdragon

That was definitely one of the classic moments from UNICON X, and it would be nice to try an top it. Our crowd won’t be as international, but the floor will definitely be cleaner and the hardware to play it will be more functional. We can either swing the TV around to face a larger space, or just cram everyone in. Another possibility is to maybe show it at the Saturday dinner, if equipment is available at the restauarant. I’ll look into that.

The hard part will probably be keeping it from being shown all night. The room with the TV in it will also be the main part of the “dorm.”

where are these sold?

whoops, i was meaning to post that on the other thunderdragon thread. was referring to to universe and those other videos

Do you mean other than at