Interest in "Chicks" T-Shirt?

If I can get 11 more orders I will be able to get these shirts professionally sceenprinted. Continue a tally to keep track of the number ordered. The price would likely be $20 depending on demand, but no more than that. And remember that price is Canadian, so you Yanks pay like nothing! If you have a decent shirt you wanna trade (Issac) I may be interested. Show your interst here and if it goes ahead we can exchange details. Buyer pays shipping. The shirt would be black on green. Here is the old thread Yet Another T-Shirt , and here is the logo:

i like it, but i can’t order one now…
i just bought a brake.

looks a bit sketchy…were you gonna clean up the image abit or just keep it as is?.. if not i still may buy one…i just bought a new hub for my trials so im outta $$$ for a bit

thats a sweet t shirt…I can’t buy one though, sorry man.

That’s cool guys. The image would be in sharper focus and less fuzzy but I like the kind of rough drawingness about it.

If you guys want I can potentially put your names down and sell them to you at a later time?


what sizes are available?

How are you accepting payment?

Looks pretty cool.

I think I would be able to get them in any size I wanted - so whatever you asked for, but if not likely small, medium, and large, maybe an x large or two. Payment would be accepted by cheque or money order.

This would be helping to fund an exchange program that I would like to do next year, potentially in Ghana, Africa. Tell your friends!


i will defin itley buy one if you print them. for sure. those are awesome!

Me too! Me too!

Yeah, I’ll spring for one, I might have a coupla others in my town who would like one too.

So yeah, put me down for one.

if i had a bank acoount i would but i dant so i wont

I would definitely buy one of those, if the offer still stands. Probably by money order.

Just FMI, how much are you asking for?

Thanks for the interest.

Right now the price is $20 CAD + shipping, but I think thats a bit high, so once I figure out what shipping would generally be, I might include it in the $20 price or lower. Either way it will be going down.

So with Maestro, Chosen, Dudewithsock, Madmattunipro and me, thats:

5 orders, 7 to go.




I’m sorry. All us Yanks have got is “checks”. No cheques.

I’m impressed. I hadn’t even noticed wrote it like that.


I will also except checks.

Man, that’s no good… I suggest that you accept the checks man.

HMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm I might want one of them pretty-pretty tee-shirts… I’ll buy one if you go to niagara…

I don’t like ordering stuff.


i was going to make one that said “chicks hate bi’s” and have a uni on the front then on the back have a pic of a uni

I talked to a few guys, they want three more.

So that makes four for me all together.