Impressive Ladder Balance

I am pretty sure most people on this site will appreciate Uzeyer Novruzov’s ladder performances that can be seen on YouTube. I guess you can search his name or ladder balance on America’s Got Talent. The guy probably already rides a uni, but if he doesn’t, he can probably just hop on one and start doing tricks. I think he is pretty impressive.

I’m pretty sure I can’t just hop on a ladder and do what he does…

But with some ancient stilt-walking background, I get the basic idea. I’m sure he would be a quick study on a uni, that is, if he doesn’t already know how to ride one. He sure was good on America’s Got Talent! Too bad about his big fall in the semi-finals. Not a big win, but tremendous publicity for him, which will hopefully generate some big contracts!

The real question is how long it would take one of us to learn how to do that. He’s obviously using the same rocking technique used in stilt walking to stay in one spot. It’s actually kind of similar to our idling if you think about it. I suspect that it wouldn’t be impossibly hard to learn compared to unicycling. The hardest part for me would probably be learning without falling, a fall that high is just too unforgiving.