impressive (but fairly easy) tricks.

Well I’m going to the skatepark this afternoon and I just wanna know some easy but cool tricks to do.


One that i think is really easy, but people seem to like is a no footer stall. Just stop pedaling, reach down and grab the tire with one hand, and pick your feet up off the pedals, you can kick them out to the side to make it look nicer, or you can just use one foot so it looks like you know more than one trick:D
Some other things you could try are just random wheelposes. Just step up onto the tire with one foot, and kick the other leg out to the side. maybe try to hold the position for a while.
You could jump over and put your left foot on the right crank, or vice versa. People like that one. When you’re over there you could grab your toes or something so it looks like a hard trick.

Have fun:p

sounds great. Thanks :slight_smile:

Im not any good but I think the easiest best looking tricks are mounts like wrap mount or whatever its called. :slight_smile:

cool, ill give it a shot

90 unispin to hopping on wheel to 90 unispin looks pretty impressive if you don’t ride and is pretty easy.

Kick-up mount, always a winner. Even easier with a low seat. Search around for step-by-kick instructions. :slight_smile:

I agree!

Whenever i’m showing my tricks to groups of bikers or whatever, that’s the one that gets them amongst the unispins and things :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed, the kick-up mount always leaves them with their mouth open. It’s hard for a lot of people to learn but once you’ve got it then it’s a keeper.

Another neet trick is to idle, put both hands up your nose and out through your ears, wiggle your hands. Drives them crazy at the emergency room. :astonished:

Yeah, but who can be bothered to learn to idle :thinking:

STM - going to try the wheel grab foot staller thing this week

You don’t even have to try to impress them (mostly). Just doing a normal ride is usually impressive enough. :sunglasses:
I have to say I like talking with the skaters. They don’t ask those “stupid” questions usually and are willing to try out unicycling or should I say beg.:smiley:

personally, I am a fan of the hop-twist off a ledge, or down some stairs…

sounds great, i’ll give 'em all a try

Another one from the old-school bag of audience tricks is jumping rope. Yes, it takes practice to get solid at it, but for some reason, audiences think it’s the hugest thing ever. Always worth doing if you want to entertain…

Thanks a lot! having lots of fun learning these tricks