Impact Gravity or KH trials unicycle?

I would buy a nimbus frame if it was a long neck since I’m 6’4 but the seat clamp attacks me

Thank you all for the help i have just ordered the KH long neck and have also ordered a Monty eagle claw tyre i will post a picture when it comes :slight_smile:

Knoxuni- the Equinox is long neck.

Looks like I would beat my knees bad on crown

Yes, but it isn’t steel which I think was the whole point in getting it.

The nimbus X frame, however, comes in longneck and is on sale here for less than 30 dollars.

? I thought we were talking strong aluminum frames.

The X woun’t fit a trials tire.

Knoxuni - could be an issue, but prob no more than the Nimbus or K-1 steel trials frames (except for the N-Street).

We were. I could have been wrong about Knox wanting a steel frame.

Well I’m riding a nimbus frame but my 400mm post is short. I want a long neck steel frame

I think you’d have to build a custom one then.

tryed one, i failed

doesn’t triton make custom frames pretty much as you request? :wink:

I’ve only heard of them doing ti, but I bet they’d do steel.

There are a few others locally if still in business: Hunter, EB Unicycles, & The Unicycle Factory come to mind. A few riders here have made their own steel trials frames ( I forget who).

For EB try

NO carbon, i want a super long neck square crown frame

Is the unicycle factory even still making unicycles?

I am 90% sure they are not… Never now

it came today :D:):D:)

thank you for all the help it is amazing and the Monty eagel claw is fantastic

I tried out my friend’s Impact Gravity uni the other day. I have a KH20 long neck and I was struck by the perceived lightness of the Impact compared to my KH20. I mean it felt a lot lighter, like I was riding and hopping on air.

I asked him the specs:

  • frame: Impact Gravity (not sure what year)
  • KH 19 wheelset
  • Tensile cranks (I’m pretty sure they’re 137s)
  • Echo TR pedals
  • tire is a TryAll light

The seat appeared to be a KH Fusion Street with the foam cut down.

I looked up the stock unis’ weight and they are about the same, so wondering why the Impact felt so much more responsive. My KH20 by comparison feels like a dead weight.

Could it have been the tire? The cranks? Can someone fill me in with what I’m missing?

I’m going to guess it was the tire, especially since the wheelset was the same as yours otherwise. The wheel is where you really feel weight coming into play.

If that’s the case can anybody compare the try-all sticky light to the maxis creepy crawler? If the try-all sticky light feels so much lighter, what’s the downside?

I think the downside is that they’re tough to get a hold of. I’ve never seen anywhere with them in stock for sale. If anyone knows where they can be purchased (In USA), please tell me.