Impact Gravity or KH trials unicycle?

Hi i am looking to get a good trials unicycle at a budget of £400 the two that look best are the Impact gravity and the KH trials at the moment i am leaning towards the impact but have no idea if it is any good as i have never read a review of it. also the impact comes with choice of cranks which is better 130mm or 140mm

any advice would be much appreciated, Thank you :slight_smile:


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140 for trials 130 for street and flat, i prefer the kh for foot on crown trick and i hate the impacts neck length in long neck form, the impact has a better tire but the seat is like a wet noodle compared to the kh, if it were my money it would be a long neck kh with spirits

Go the KH … I have thrashed the crap out of mine and it is like new, strongest uni on the market without a doubt, I can see why it’s such a pricey uni now, the impact is great too, it all comes down to personal preference I think.

I like the kh overall, if the impact frame was longer in the longneck version and had better cranks it would be my favorite

I was pretty underwhelmed with my kh20. The seat clamp failed on the first ride, the frame snapped after not much use and it was the worst built wheel I’ve ever owned. It was light and pretty, though. Just bought an Impact Muni frame, first impressions are good.

Weird. What were you doing with it? Throwing it out of moving cars?

In all fair ness. Snapped a kh frame and have a bent impact gravity frame but they are not ment to last for ever, amdahl the wheel is machines built so you NEED to tighten the spokes first ride.

Older KHs had problems breaking. Newer frames are reinforced (I think 2011 and later)

Three of the five new unis I’ve gotten came w/ loose spokes.

Personally I’d get the KH for its versatility.

Also Moments (137mm on that uni) have a couple mm more Q-factor and Spirits one or two more than that. It seems most don’t like QF, I do. I’ve ridden cranks w/ much more QF than Spirits and never tried a crank that had too much for me.

I am not a huge fan of cranks with no q. But I broke a 2012 frame so I can’t say much

Thanks for all the good advice, i have a few questions:)

  1. what is Q factor?

  2. what is wrong with the length of impacts long neck frame is it to long or to short? i am 6 foot 5 inches so am looking to get a frame that allows me to get the seat as high as possible

  3. are the components of both compatible with each other e.g. putting a KH frame on an impact wheel set and putting KH cranks on an impact hub?

Thank you


Q-factor is how much the crank bends outwards. So if it has zero Q-factor, the crank is completely straight and if there’s 10mm Q-factor the pedal end of the crank is 10mm further away from the hub than the other end of the crank. Generally a bit Q-factor feels more stable when doing for example trials.

Yeah, they are. As long as it’s ISIS compatible you’re good to go with pretty much anything.

From my own experience I’d recommend you to go for KH. It’s got more advantages than Impact IMO, for example the seat, unless you upgrade to carbon fiber seat base the naomi with it’s Velo base is reaally flexy and the wheelset which according to what I’ve seen is not quite as strong as the KH one. The Impact Gravity frame is a bit nicer for your knees but that’s no big deal if you wear any shin/knee guards, which I strongly recommend you to do.

Lastly, if you are on facebook you should join the Unicycle Chat -group since most trial/street/flat riders have moved there from here. Muni and road advice here on the forums is superb though :roll_eyes:

Just my 2 cents, sorry for a bit long post :smiley:

They’ve been reinforced since 2008.

A new wheel will make the spoke work and get the right tension, it’s normal that the spokes loosen in the first few rides.

  1. The distance between both pedals.

Here is the difference between q-factors

  1. I’m 6’3", I recommand you get a longneck frame, the KH also comes in longneck:

  2. Pretty much everything is interchangeable.

Definitely be careful and steer clear of the KH regular frame pictured. The KH Longneck would be fine, but the regular frame is really short. I need a 400mm post to make it work and I’m only 6’ 1" (rounding up…).

I’m 6’4 and a long neck is a must, a impact longneck is a silly length. Kh is a lot better I just want a longer neck in general

Thank you for all the help :slight_smile:

i think i have decided to go with the KH long neck but would the Monty eagle claw fit on the KH rim with the KH inner tube as it says it is wider or would i have to get a bigger inner tube as well?

Thank you


Yeah, eagle claw sure fits nicely. Pretty much any inner tube will work. I’m riding a 20"x1.75" tube atm and you can’t tell the difference unless you actually ride it. I haven’t ridden it really hard so far though so I’ve yet to see how well it holds up since it’s not as heavy duty as the 19x2.5 tube. But the one that comes with the KH will work.

I rode 1.75 tubes with no issues

Before you make statements like this you should consider it. We have all see both KH and Impact frames broken. The Nimbus Trials frame and their street frames fail less often. Doesn’t that make them stronger?

I think what you were trying to say is that the KH is stronger of the two unicycles discussed. I think that statistics would not show this to be the case, but this is your opinion. They are both great unicycles and stronger than most people require. They are different and you should select the unicycle most suited to your style.



That’s an interesting point, but it isn’t just the frame in a uni to be considered. For instance, I’m very curious as to which ISIS hub is strongest between Impact, KH and nimbus.

All the same. They all have the same grade CrMO and have the same bolt size now, so no difference.

What is different is the flanges and that effect the spokes more than anything. With the aluminium flange the KH is least likely to not break spokes, the Nimbus next with it’s ductile large flange, worst would be Impact with it’s shorter flange. The Impact does have more inboard spokes though and so is better for grinding and some tricks.