Im Newzorz

Hey everyone,

My Names Will Kerzic And I Think Unicycling looks friggin AMAZING.

I live in Augusta GA, and Im looking into buying a Unicycle. I am 6"4 and I think my Inseams 32-36ish. I would be using the unicycle for street/trails/hopping/flatland.

I was thinking about buying a 20" torker but I have no clue as to what size I should get.

Also, anyone in my area Id love to chill and just hang out, Im a quick learner.

search youtube for
“CizreK YoYo” “CizreK Skateboard” “CizreK Astrojax” “CizreK Fingerboard” “CizreK Handboard” “CizreK Fingerbike”
yeah I do it all and Im wanting to take on Unicycling!!!


Hawo CizreK, this would be a perfect example* or example 2* to have.

1) For beginners.
2) For when you want to move up.

People would prefer other brands. Such as Nimbus, KH, Koxx 1, etc. But what i have put is my preferred choice. :smiley:

So have fun, enjoy, relax and welcome to the wonderful world of unicycling.

:smiley: Your new friend. :smiley:
Harry a.k.a HAZMAT

Cannot go wrong with buying a Torker LX, cheap, strong, and last a while. If you decide you don’t wanna trash it when you get better, you could even keep it if you would want to get into flatland and freestyle.

here is a 24" DX

Welcome to the forums!

whats the differences in these

200 post - 26 inches (w/cut post)
300 post - 31 inches (w/cut post)
400 post - 35 inches (standard post)

also, I want a thick mountain type tire, what would i use on that list they have

10 min edit… Bleh

Whats the difference in the PRIMO BLACK tire and the standard tire.

Im 22, and Im 6 foot 4, my legs are pretty dang long

would the LX be ok, cuz the pedels look a bit tiny, I wear a size 14-15 shoe.

Not sure on tires (I only know about trial tires) but the posts are how long you want your seat post. I’d recommend getting a 400 and just cutting down to whatever your preferance is. The LX pedals are pretty small but they should be fine. Worst comes to worse, you pay $15 for some bigger pedals.

thanks for everyones help I ordered a LX

ima rip that thing up
ill make a video in about 4 months, cuz im a perfectionist and ima make sure its good (im talking about crazy stuff like tryflips and stuff)

We will look forward to it :slight_smile:

my eyes are now bleeding, thanks!

So How longs it usually take people to learn everything on a unicycle?
Like lets say, riding, uni spin 180-360, crank flip, 180, roling fakie, maby even a treflip

If you’re really bad like me? 7 years and counting.

If you’re dedicated and good at picking up new skills, you could get the riding and unispins down in under a month, maybe even the crankflip. Backwards riding took me a while, but I’m slow…

Hmm, I’d say 6 months to 2 years depending on your dedication counting that you ride a lot. A week or 2 for riding and then a couple months for everything else. You never know, you might end up never wanting to do these and get into trials or big street. Best of luck on your unicycling journey!

I’d be surprised if you could do all that within a year, but it’s definitly possible.

If you plan to be doing stuff like crankflips and treflips don’t waste your time with the LX. Start with a real trials uni.

well I figure I should buy a cheap one first.
I like how everyones telling me itll take me a year or 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Im not bragging but

When I picked up ASTROJAX it took me a month til I was sponsored, Now Im top 3 in the world.
When I picked up a YOYO, I was told by many people “Your doing stuff in 2 months, that takes people normally 4 years to learn”.
When I started skateboarding, I was doing Casper Flips, and rodney mullen style tricks.
and now w/e toy/thing I pick up I learn it within a month or two.

Im sure itll take me 2 years to SMOOTH out my stuff, but Im sure I could do a crank flip in a day. after learning how to ride.
Im going to take things smooth with Unicycling.
Ima learn how to ride it, then learn the riding tricks. such as gliding, rolling back wards, tiny 180s to turn myself around, just normal hops to get up curbs. Once Im comfortable with riding around, and I have my balance, Ill head for the tricks.
Ill post a video soon im sure.

If your confident in your skills and that you’ll stick with it, don’t waste your money buying an entry level Uni like the LX. Wait till the Nimbus ISIS Trials comes back in stock and buy that with cranks upgraded to Kris Holm Moment cranks. Or buy a Kris Holm 20" if you’ve got the cash.

yeah, but I should have a cheap one first to learn how to ride and do simple stuff with. Ive already paid for it, and I want the LX.
Im pretty sure if I really love Unicycling Ill fork the cash out for a KHs or a Torker Unistar. Depends on how much I like it cuz If I progress like I think I will, Ill probly end up getting that KHs and having to PAINT IT lol
In alot of videos on youtube, “Koxx One” I see a Unicycle thats all black, but has neon green on it, what is that Unicycle called?

i used like a week of 30 min- 1 hour training each day and i could ride a few houndred meters allmost every day… if you think that you can make a crankflip right after you’ve learnt riding, GOOD LUCK…
i cant do a crankflip, cant even do 180 unispins, but im doing trials and havn’t practiced it a lot, but i’ll tell you, it’s pretty hard… but try it…