I'm Looking for a 36" to loan, rent or buy for NAUCC 2011

Hey guys,
I really would love to do some of the distance races on a 36" unicycle but can’t justify paying heaps for excess baggage to bring it all the way from Australia. So I’m looking for anyone who might have an extra 36" I could use for during NAUCC 2011 in Madison. Willing to rent it or even buy it if needed. Let me know asap. Thanks!

What has worked for me at past Unicons is (after going the email/web route) to ask around as early as possible on arrival, to see who has one that won’t be in use. This got me a borrowed Coker at Unicon 11, a Schlumpf 36er at Unicon 13 (first to race a marathon on one?) and another 36" for the Unicon XIV marathon, where I bought a pair of cranks to go with it. I think the vendor even bought them back from me afterward! (UDC DK).