I'm gonna make this easy....

ok…here’s how it is. If the piece of equipment in question has the name “torker” on it anywhere…it sucks

Justify your reasoning, why should we believe you if you can’t tell us why?

If sucks means that for a year it takes 8+ foot drops everyday, repeated pedal grabs and grinds, taking all the abuse from falls, sets from 2-9 stairs (cant find a ten yet), and everything else I do to it, then yeah, my Torker sucks.

Let’s just swap out for a nice and weak drilled rim, put some fancy stickers on it and start calling the hub ISIS while leaving it the way it is. I mean you don’t actually have to meet the standards to call it such anyway. Maybe then it would be good.

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot, we would also have to double the price.


thems fightin words

mabey it doesn’t suck but I think some parts are week on torkers?

That’s such a vague statement, you could say that about anything. Honestly, for the price you pay, the Torker DX is an incredible deal. With the frame now being reinforced, the only thing which was ever considered a problem has been fixed. Justin Kohse hasn’t broken the cranks or hub yet and hes one of the more hardcore riders. As far as I know, the only person to actually break the cranks or hub is Cody Williams, and he seems to be unnecessarily brutal to his equipment.

wow didn’t know u peeps were soooo attached to ur torkers. what i will say is this: the torker dx 2006 wheel is pretty strong. but it is an ankle basher. its really heavy. the rest of the parts on the dx are extremly cruddy. i have seen two dx frames break at the welds while just being riddin w/o doing anything. every other torker uni is cheap consumer grade stuff. the tx bends easily. the lx i actually like, but it has room for improvement. so heres the point. i haven’t seen a torker uni yet that has come anywhere close to decent standards…maybe i they keep working at it they will. all i see when i look at a torker is a cheap begginner unicycle for people who aren’t all that serious about the sport.

Its not that we are that attached, its jsut there are a lot of threads bashing Torker when they really arent that bad.

The nubs arent too bad. I hit mine pretty bad about 3 times, and after that I havent hit them since then. Every now and then from a weird wreck, but from riding, and gapping and whatnot, I dont get hit there any more.

It really isnt too heavy, so thats not a problem. =p

And the only other cruddy part are the frames, but they fixed that. I guess people could complain about the rim not being wide enough, but with good form on landings and jumping, its hard to get fold overs.

Doing uni spins on it will do that. :wink:
Its not a bad giraffe though, as long as you keep it to freestyle stuff.

Im with you there. Its a good freestyle uni, and for me, has handled 5 foot drops, so its not bad for learning some trials and street with.

For freestyle it could get some shorter cranks on it, but thats about 15 dollars to replace. Seat could be better, and thats not too hard to replace either.

You can put it like that. But for me, im serious about the sport, really serious, but I dont have the budget to be buying KH or Koxx stuff. The DX is great for people without a lot of spending money.:smiley:

Couldn’t have said it better myself, way to go Jerrick. :slight_smile:

I’d also like to add that I’ve never hit my ankles on the cranks of the trials DX, only once or twice on the 24".


u never hit ur ankles, really? do u go for unispins? i hit my ankles even on the KH cranks sometimes when i do540 unispins

Id say that the DX needs to come with an option to get longer cranks. 125s are just to small and dont give you enough control. If you dont think this is true then youve never ridden on a unicycle with longer cranks and actually gotten used to it. Also in my opinion all the seats on the torkers suck. The DX is too fat, the LX is sorta good for seat out but really chafes badly, and the CX…yeah. The next dx should have a better seat since KH just came out with his so thats sort of excusable.
About the strength. I dont know the wheel seems to be great although I think 48 spokes is a bit too many. The frame is fixed now but im not sure that I want to fully trust a company that can make a frame as weak as the 2006, it was pretty sad.

I do, and its just never been an issue for me.

Sounds like you’ve never ridden on a unicycle with 125s and gotten used to it, because they give me plenty of control. I most definitely have ridden on a unicycle with loinger cranks, I’ve ridden quite a few combinations of wheel and crank sizes. For street I find that the 125 is ideal, for trials slightly longer cranks might help but for my purposes the 125s are perfect. On the 24" the crank length is perfect, in fact its the same length that the 2007 KH munis use.

Lol, nope. For me its also getting hit in the inner left thigh by my seat when learning new stuff.

There is quite an ugly bruise there now. :o

on 125s…

well i view crank length as strictly opinion…longer cranks tend to be better fro trials though…but as far as street goes i can see it both ways…personally i’ll just take the happy median of the 137mm kh cranks…i like that length the best

Again haha, well said. That’s where my injuries are as well.

The drilled rim isn’t fucking weak!

I don’t care about the rest of the argument, but I’m sick of people saying the KH rim is weak when they haven’t tested it or even owned it.

Just because a rim has less metal on it, doesn’t mean its weaker. There are many other factors that come in to play about the strength of a rim. Thankyewverymuch!

He’s kinda talking about Koxx, hence the fake ISIS thing…

Yeah, it was definitely a Koxx reference. I’ve heard less than wonderful things about the try-all rim. It certainly doesn’t touch the strength of the Alex trials rim.

the wheel set it strong but the ankle biters… except for that you are right