I'm gonna make this easy....

Well I have had shorter cranks on my LX and when I rode my brothers DX. They feel great when you only ride them but not so nice when you use others. All im saying is that they should at least give you the choice like most other unicycle brands.

mabey it doesn’t suck but I think some parts are week on yo momma![/QUOTE]


I love how no one has described all of torkers parts yet.
-CX: take the hub and weld it to a wheel barrow wheel. re weld the frame to fit. throw the rest out…
-lx: wheelset-good for freestyle, pedals-good platics, good for grinding, frame-not great but don’t know of any breaking, post-like all non gusseted post it will break, seat-good but needs a stiffener
-dx: wheelset-short nubbed cranks but good, pedals- too grippy and will break, frame- sucks and I don’t trust even the new 07 frame and ugly, seatpost- didn’t ride it long enough to break it, seat-fat stiffener plate is only a little thicker than paper
-Tx: the frame will bend after doing unispins, but other than that it is a good cheap giraffe.

Oh, and steven says that he loves teh LX/DX seat clamp (it’s the best part of them).

Sorry man, I thought tou meant the KH. I don’t know anything about the tryall rim either. Could be a piece of junk. But just let it be known that drilled rims can be just as strong as non drilled, if they’re done properly.

Mine is all forked up.
one of the cranks is bent and the hub has a loose keyway, because I am also unnecessarily hard on my equip.

I’d say the worst thing about the DX is the crank length.

I’d say the worst thing about the DX is the crank length. Of course, I do trials. Street riders are probably fine with the length.

Wow, well the torker is actually a pretty strong uni, if you are trying to get into unicycling and dont want to spend and arm and leg for an expensive light trials uni like K1 or Kh, then the Dx is a pretty sweet deal, I rode em for 2 years. I used the 04 20in model before torker even made a trials version, I moded it myself to make it one. I did countless 8ft drops to flat concrete. It was wear and tear that finally gave away my trials uni hub and crankset(broken crank and bent hub). The hub on my muni bent from a 9ft drop, the fact it was still rideable after that is still pretty impressive. The rundown of the dx unis is strong but heavy, however the price is their strongest point. 250 for a pretty bombproof uni.

just so happens my next (trial)uni will be a torker.

are you going somewhere with that comment or are you just telling us your next unicycle “sucks”