Im glad i quit

i saved a lot of money that can go toward more social things

Unicycling is social if you have friends who can unicycle. If not, then good for you! You now have friends!

EDIT why don’t you buy one unicycle, then just ride that? there’s nothing else to pay for, unless you’re in UNiVERsE, then you need to keep buying new equipment.

Re: Im glad i quit

like drugs

Don’t forget to update your profile. Currently it says:

Interests: Unicycling is all I really do
Occupation: Going to school, then coming home to unicycle

It seems that is no longer accurate.

Re: Im glad i quit

I’m glad you quit too. Nothing worse than someone whose heart isn’t in a thing trying to pretend it is.

But unlike the post above, I don’t recommend you update your profile. I’d say just delete it, and go join a “more social things” forum. There are lots of them. These, for instance:

See ya.


im feeling pretty burned out myself but this is a little over the top. if i sold all my unicycles (currently 2) it would just get spent on beer etc.

Give up unicycling? Why? I never considered unicycling to be an activity one would actively quit, maybe slow down to the point where they didn’t really do it much at all… but quit altogether? It’s not like a job!

Dear dear.

If my interest ever did get diluted to the point of hardly ever riding I’d still keep a unicycle as they have played a big part in at least one section of my life and it’d be a nice memento. Plus you never know when you may need a unicycle.

P.S You don’t need money to go towards social things. You need money for material things. Most of my money goes on my unicycles, DVDs, electronics and other random crap etc etc and I don’t think it effects my social life, which is pretty decent. And unicycles don’t need that much putting into them if you look after them.

It’s all about money management!

Indeed. Social things don’t have to cost money. I’m really surprised you’ve quit. You seemed so keen on unicycling just weeks (or a few months) ago.


And also seemed to be progressing quite well too, I don’t get it…?

frankly, george, i can’t imagine actually NEEDING a unicycle
except of course for unicycling, but since this is a post-quittal dscussion, pass me a cigarette
so, please enlighten me as to those unusual moments when u ‘may need’ a unicycle…

Yes, where could a good little boy like him go wrong? A tragic tale of failure, pain, and rejection.

Scenario A) Being held at gun point until you can produce a unicycle.

Scenario B) At unicycle crossings

Scenario C) Infiltrating a circus

Need I go on?!

Balance . . . My sens of it is you burned out from doing one thing: uniing. It’s not all or nothing. Mix it up. A person can have friends and a social life and still uni. It’s a hobby for most all of us, not an occupation.


I am a little bummed out with unicycling right now, i still love it but it’s hard fitting it in with work! Also i have RUN OUT of places to go that are fun i guess theres some natural trials on the beach but that’s about it.Thus i LOVE unicycling but i HATE my area nothing new or interesting to ride.

Yeah I can see where gpickett00 is comin from, i find unicycling fairly boring when I’m by myself… I “gave up” uniing for 10 years until I met other ppl who did it.

I think that these days my main reason for “keeping on” unicycling is the social side of it… I’m not quite as addicted to it as I was “around the 3 month mark” but I think I enjoy it more now (if that makes any sense), keeps me fit and out of trouble. Can’t wait for summer!

I just wanted to make some people mad

I sometimes feel as though I’m stuck in a rut with unicycling, especially when I’m finding it hard to learn a trick and start getting somewhere and then I can’t uni for a while due to work and other commitments so I go back to square one. Still buzz off it tho. Can’t see myself throwing in the towel!

… I don’t think anybody would be particularly mad about you quitting…! It’d be shame to see anybody leave the sport, but it’s nothing to get mad over! Try name calling :wink: So I take it you’re not quitting after all?

k, not to be rude…but who cares if he quits or not, its his life, even if he does quit or not, i wont care one way or another, it takes to much effort to care…

Muni is the way forward. There’s only so many stupid comments you can take just zooming around town; quite often I’d get back from a ride annoyed after some schmuck spoiled an otherwise good ride.

But then… you ride some awesome trails, with fewer people about who are generally more appreciative, and really get back to what riding is all about. That leaves me beaming for days rather than fuming for hours.




but honestly, i realize that one day i will ride for the last time and probably not come back to it. unfortunately, i have a habit of going all out on something and then in turn get burned out and quit. but as of now i love riding and cant see the end in sight. i just dont see myself riding every once in a while. if i ride, i ride fulltime.