I'm generally not fond of billionaires but

… this guy gets a pass. Of course, if an underling rode a unicycle around the office, I’m sure they’d be looking for a new job.

So I ask this question: Have you ever ridden a unicycle inside your place of employment?



This is Peter Brown.

To answer my own question: I used to be a park ranger, and I have ridden a unicycle, technically, within my place of employment (trails and roads). But never in the park buildings.

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haha thats funny , its says he stopped riding because he broke it… well buy another! us non billionaires have more than one unicycle.

I rode a unicycle inside a place of work and got in lots of trouble as i left arc tyre marks from turns all over the carpet.

Another place was in a warehouse which was fine.


I also found it funny that he no longer rides because he busted his uni.

  1. Did buy a cheapie piece-o-crap off Amazon?
  2. Is he waiting for UDC’s 12 Days of Christmas sale?

Yes. I rode a 29 and also a halfbike through an office landscape with several people present. I also rode a 36 around an office - different building, not landscape. The last one was close to empty, and I may have a video of that.


I got asked if I wanted to ride in the office by my boss because there was a camera crew filming and they wanted either some transitions with a close-up in the hallways or wanted me to carry the camera in the hallways (don’t remember which one).
It was a fun challenge to not knock anything nor mark walls with my 29er (and the carpet was weirdly soft that made it feel off-camber :rofl:).


Almost exclusively, rarely get on my unicycle unless I’m at work


I love this thread. Let me get this out of the way: Peter Brown called to say, he could make it okay we could get married in Gibraltar near Spain. – Okay, had to get that out of my system.

I used to ride my unicycle to work, at a local ice cream store near my house. That was starting in 1980. I Did not ride it inside the building because the space was pretty tiny. I did juggle in there, with lemons…

Fast forward to the present: For the last few years, my Freestyle uni has lived in my office at STEP, my place of work STEP was one of the corporate sponsors of Ride The Lobster in 2008. I’m the IT and Asset Manager there, and I use the uni to get around the halls of our spread-out, 26,000 sq. ft. (2415 sq. meter) office building. We have a large training room with a vinyl/wood floor, which is great for practicing tricks on when there isn’t a class going on.

I have to be careful around hallway intersections and open doorways and I occasionally scare someone if they don’t see me coming. My employer did not put up mirrors for me, but there are two of them that already existed in the building before we moved in. They’re at key intersections and are very handy!

I’m pretty sure our HR Director will not permit anyone else to do this, at least until they’ve proven themselves stable and safe. Most of the building is carpet, and for those who haven’t ridden on carpet, it’s a little challenging!


I rode several times in the office to show it to my colleagues. One time my boss asked me to ride, because he wanted to show it to another colleague.


Back in the early nineties, I was business systems manager for a national retailer

The head office was attached to the distrubtion warehouse, whilst training for the London to Brighton bike ride, I used to unicycle around the warehouse when the weather was bad


It has been known to happen



Yes, carpet really is a challenge. I learned that the hard way. I was a roving juggler at an indoor event, and I quickly found out that I couldn’t juggle while unicycling on the carpet. It (the pattern?) was auto-steering the unicycle. It was quite the struggle. Luckily, I had plenty of hard surfaces to perform on.

Ruari, you were the given in this situation. The sky is blue, water is wet, and I knew with 100 percent certainty that you have ridden a unicycle in your office. I’m fairly confident that you do it every single workday.

So the question changes: Have you ever ridden a penny farthing in your office?


[Ok warning I am verging into advertising territory here. If anyone is unhappy about that, let me know and I will gladly delete this posting.]

Speaking of companies and unicycling. The company I work for is Vivaldi, who make the Vivaldi browser. Some time back we started to use “Powerful, Personal, Private” as a tagline in our advertising. One day when I went into the office we had these banners up around the place, highlighting these concepts and how they relate to the browser. Anyway, it occurred to me I could have a little fun with these on social media as about half the people following me do so because I talk about cycling (including unicycles) and the other half because they are interested in the Vivaldi browser. So anyway I posted these (below). In hindsight now, I feel like I should have lifted the unicycle over my head for the Powerful one… but hey this was spontaneous on my part. I only roped in a single colleague to help me with the pictures. This was not part of the marketing campaign. Just me being silly.




I do feel like I should have gotten more likes but hey :person_shrugging:t3:, you can’t have everything I guess. :laughing:


I ride it to the office regularly but not in the office. The ceiling is too low on my floor and I would hit my head. I know because… yeah OK I did try once. :laughing:


Would be much cooler if he was good enough not to ride into pedestrians.


“I am too unique to ride a generic unicycle”

Well put! I feel the same way. I suggest we introduce a “quote of the year award” on this forum, and that you be nominated. :rofl:


Verging is not blatant. I can’t remember how I learned about Vivaldi, but I’m using it now on my home computer. Much more private than Chrome, obviously, and extremely user-configurable. 'Nuff said about that.

I’m not too unique to ride a generic unicycle, but most of the ones I ride are not. :slight_smile:


I rode my unicycle in the building on my day of retirement at a Silicon Valley aerospace firm. Previously, I have skated to work and then through the building to my cube multiple times.